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Richmond Wright, Trevor Williams, & Carol Ryalls


A short history of the Middle Rasen's Village Hall and the adjacent large Playing Field.

John Wilkinson was a landowner in parts of Newport,Lincoln & Middle Rasen. He owned 2 1/2 acres of land in two fields between Marsh Lane (Manor Drive) & Dungeon Lane ( Wilkinson Drive) & at the primary school in Middle Rasen.

In 1889 the two fields were let to Mr.A.D.Smith for £ 4 per annum.In 1914 Mr.A.D.Smith gave notice to quit the 2 paddocks. These were to be let seperately, with Mr.Swaby taking the larger field at a rent of £5 p.a. & Mr.Pixley the smaller field at a rent of £3 p.a. Records show that in 1919 Caistor Rural Distrct Council wrote to the Charity to ask if there was any land available for housing. In1923 Mr.Pixley gave notice of his rent of the land which was then taken by a Mr. Duke.

A letter from 1937 shows that Rural Community Council Schemes wrote to the charity for financial help in building Village Halls. That must have had little success because later we see (1946) that the charity decided to sell 1 acre 7 perches to the Caistor Rural District Council for £100, provided a strip of land of 7 yards width was left for access to the larger field. This in turn was then rented by the Middle Rasen Parish Council for garden allotments and Caistor Rural District Council asked to visit the plot of land in Dungeon Lane to see if it suitable for housing. ( now the site of some senior citizens bungalows).

In 1963 Charity Commisssion were asked for permission to use the larger field as a playing field & alterations to the scheme. It was proposed and agreed that application be made to use the field owned by the Charity as a site for children's playing field also for a Village Hall Pavilion and providing sporting activities for the parish. This information be given to the then constituted Village Hall Committee who purchased the field for £650 from the John Wilkinson Charity.


Guides and Guiding

Rase WI


Meet at the Village Hall through the year.

Seasonal Users Include

Middle Rasen and District Bowls Club

We are a thriving club with about 40 members and are always looking for new or experienced players coming into the area. If you are interested in joining or would like to know more about the Club you can contact Rich Wright, Sandstones, Buslingthorpe Road, Faldingworth (01673 885451)

All welcome to come along and have a go! Please wear worn trainers (not heeled shoes)


During the winter months (Sept to April) the Short Mat Bowling Group meets to play indoors twice a week at Middle Rasen Village Hall - Mondays (1:30pm till 4:30pm) & Thursdays (7pm till 10pm). Bowling woods are available but new members need to bring a pair of flat shoes or slippers as trainers or heeled shoes are not permitted. The activity has been running since 1989 and a core group of experienced bowlers are on hand to help beginners. Membership is £8 for the season and it is just 35p per game. It is a great social and sporting activity that is suitable for all ages. For more details contact Roy Kitchen (842553) or just come along.


Middle Rasen & District Bowls Club




The Gymstick Personal Training Class is held at the Middle Rasen Village Hall on Tuesday from 1.30 - 2.30 pm. It's a weekly class designed to improve balance, strength, fitness and core stability.

Middle Rasen Village Hall .... Tuesdays from 1.30pm - 2.30pm weekly

£5.00 per session when you pay for the month or £7.00 pay-as-you-go

Thursday sessions are also at Osgodby Village Hall from 1.30pm

Book your place ..... 07066 174878

It's open to all ages and abilities, so if you're wondering if it'll be of any use to you, the answer is most definitely ‘yes'!

It doesn't matter if you are young or not so young. If you're used to exercising, this is the perfect class for you, as, because of the unique design of the Gymstick, it will challenge you to work in ways you haven't experienced before. 1 simple bicep curl or lunge will challenge your core stability, balance and strength in a way you have never dreamed possible. However, starting with the basics, beginners of all levels can find and conquer challenges too.


Weight watchers
Are now in Market Rasen

And Fisdac has moved away from the area.


Village Hall News

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Examples of the financial support from our two local charities in 2006 - 7

John Wilkinson Charity - Charity no. 527746

Organisation Financial Support given

Middle Rasen Pre - School £1,058.43

Middle Rasen Primary School £1,232.31

Middle Rasen Poor Lands & Poor Meadows Charity

Charity No. 216242

Organisation Financial Support given

Middle Rasen Pre - School £783.28

Middle Rasen Primary School £415.00 (trip to Caythorpe)

Braemar Close residents £142.35 (Christmas party)

2nd Middle Rasen Brownies £300.00

Middle Rasen Methodist Church £1,000.00 (Disabled Access)

Middle Rasen Village Hall £3,075.00 (Car Park extension)

Please remember OUR village hall needs YOU


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Hire of Village Hall

Available for bookings - an excellent venue for birthday parties, wedding receptions, group meetings, anniversaries, etc etc.


Charity No.521958

Different rooms & facilities are available for hire.

Main Hall

Community Room

Use of field

Hire of Gas B.B.Q.

Please ask the booking clerk, Rosie Dawson, 01673 308671 for hire charges



The Village hall is NOT licensed for the sale of alcohol.

Any event which would profit from the "sale" of alcohol, whether by purchase or inclusion of a "glass of wine" through ticket sales, will need a "Temporary Event Notice" (TEN) One licence costs £21.00. Application forms are obtainable from WLDC & copies will need to be returned to WLDC & the police 20 working days before the event by named individuals not Groups.

Heavy fines are payable for ignoring these regulations.

N.B. A private party where participants are invited & wine is provided free or are asked to "bring a bottle" is exempt from Licensing.

Please inform the village hall Booking Clerk if you are intending to apply for a Temporary Event Notice as the village hall can only hold 12 such functions in anyone year.




Middle Rasen's Charity Activity

Poor Lands and Meadows

John Wilkinson Trust