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Welcome to the official webpage of The Rase Women's Institute.  The Rase WI welcomes its members from the wider Market Rasen and Middle Rasen area. The aim of this site is to inform and to provide a useful source of information for members and publish our the latest news.

If you are intrigued by the programme why not come along and visit Rase WI it's not all Jam and Jerusalem . New interests and friendships have been made and we look forward to meeting and making more new friends. For further details contact 844692 or 843661



We enjoyed a memorable evening celebrating the 10th birthday of the Rase Wl in December 2017. Tables were all delightfully decorated with a party theme. Visitors from other Wl's joined us. Two lovely ladies, Wl member Anne Crawforth and her piano teacher Dinah, entertained us. Anne played first, showing us what she had achieved after two years of lessons. It took great courage for a very nervous Anne to play in front of an audience for the first time, especially as she knew all the Wl members! Dinah followed with a short recital, which was enjoyed by all. During a break we enjoyed a delicious supper, provided by all the members and a wonderful birthday cake made by member, Maureen Williams. We enjoyed a musical quiz set by Dinah, which was great fun. This was followed by a raffle. A good time was had by all. Rase Wl meets at Middle Rasen village hall on the 4th Wednesday of the month. All welcome.

Rosie Dawson (Rase Wl Secretary)


Rase WI ladies enjoying a late Christmas meal at Market Rasen Golf Club on Friday the 11 th February as their original dinner, scheduled in December, was cancelled due to the bad weather! Rase WI meets every third Wednesday of each month at Middle Rasen Village Hall at 7.30 pm. If any ladies would like to come and join they will be made most welcome


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844692 or 843661

The WI movement is the largest voluntary women's organization in the UK and it exists to educate women so that they are enabled to play an effective role in their communities, as well as expanding their personal horizons and developing important skills which they can pass on. If you would like to consider becoming a member visit Middle Rasen - Rase WI or a WI where you are on a meeting night, members will be pleased to assist

For further details contact 844692 or 843661



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