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The aim of this site is to inform and to provide useful source of information for members and publish our news.

If you are intrigued by the programme why not come along and visit Rase WI it's not all Jam and Jerusalem . New interests and friendships have been made and we look forward to meeting and making more new friends. For further details contact 844692 or 843661



We often hear about life in the forces from a mans point of view, so it was very interesting hearing about life from a service mans wife! Jane gave a really lively, amusing and interesting talk of all her experiences as the wife of an RAF officer, from the early days as a newly wed until the untimely death of her husband.

There was much laughter as she regaled us with titbits of information about her life and were impressed with how the RAF supported her as a widow.

Thank you Jane for sharing your impressions and thoughts with us.

The March meeting will be “ Eggs Chicks and Bonnets”

Val Wright Feb 2020

Rase WI out and about.

The final meeting of 2019 for Rase WI was a swinging affair as Market Rasen Ukulele Band entertained us all. Members sang along as classic pop songs were played. During the interval the band and their hosts enjoyed a lovely buffet supper and WI ladies ended the evening with a small Christmas gift. All in all a fitting end to 2019!

The February meeting is the WI AGM followed by games and Supper .

The October meeting was held at Market Rasen Golf Club where members enjoyed a delicious pre-Christmas lunch. (Yes you read correctly, events near Christmas can be a bit overwhelming, hence our early celebratory lunch).

In November, 11 members joined other WI ladies for a trip to Chatsworth to see the wonderfully decorated house, and browse round the Christmas market. Needless to say they all came back with more than they went!

After enjoying the pre-Christmas activities, the November meeting was on a more serious note when Zoe from the Nat West Bank gave a talk entitled “Help, is this a scam?“ This opened everyone's eyes to what to look out for if they fear being scammed. Everybody admitted to receiving scams in the way of phone calls, e-mails, texts, letters and doorstep persons, but fortunately no one had been caught out. Everyone left the meeting with plenty of information leaflets and an increased awareness of how to avoid being scammed.

The December meeting is a festive celebration of Christmas with Market Rasen Ukulele Band providing the entertainment.

Valerie Wright

“Around the Wireless”

For those members of the Northwood group of WI's who braved the elements on a very wet Monday evening, they were not to be disappointed by the entertainment at their area meeting.

The evening programme was entitled “Around the Wireless”. A musical rendezvous with some of England's finest Variety Stars given by Judith Hibbert. What were we going to hear, perhaps a talk on a by-gone era? No. There followed the most hilarious entertainment, we were treated to exerts and titbits of the Variety Stars of the Music Halls. Most of us knew the stars portrayed, but Judith's impersonations and mimicry had us all in absolute stitches. Everyone agreed that it was a fabulously funny evening.

The evening concluded with the awarding of the WI rose bowl trophy for an item of home entertainment pre TV and was won by Rase WI with a stereoscope kindly lent by one of its members. A great evening!

Valerie Wright Dec 19

“Prisoners in the Tower” Why wasn't history this interesting when we went to school? Our speaker at our September meeting was Keith Hanson, a Beefeater with responsibilities at the Tower of London. He took us through a brief history of the Tower of London from its inception. Keith's dramatic presentation of those who were imprisoned in the tower, what their crimes were and how they met their end, held everyone's rapt attention! We look forward to hearing more about Keith's role in the tower in the future!.

Valerie Wright Nov 19

A walk down memory lane with Tony Neal and his theatre programmes was the theme of the Rase WI meeting in August. His interest in theatre programmes was kindled when he, as a member of Wragby Players, was presented with a collection of them. Needless to say the collection increased from there on and has resulted in some rare and wonderful examples.

A brief history of the origins of theatre programmes, which originated in the 1850s was illustrated with examples in Tony's collection. Early programmes, which were really small works of art, were given (free) to the wealthy. As the theatre audiences grew, programmes were charged for and carried advertisements to pay for the printing. The advertisements gave an insight to the changing of ladies fashions and some were very amusing!

We all had an insight to a different view of social history.

The October meeting on the 23rd is Rase WI annual dinner .

Valerie Wright Oct 19

Who would have guessed what “treasures” lay beneath our feet as we walked across beaches. 

Catherine gave an insight into mariner's glass, which comes from bottles that have been thrown into the sea, or as a result of shipwrecks or glass rubbish from industry disposed of into the sea in years gone by.

The bottles break into pieces and are eroded and tumbled by the sea and sand producing opaque pieces of glass, which become washed up on the shoreline. The mariners glass is mainly light green, but other colours are found but are rarer. Examples of mariner's glass were exhibited and items which had been made from the glass.

After answering questions from members, everyone was delighted to have a go at making their own bespoke piece of mariner glass jewellery under the direction of Catherine and her helpers.

No doubt when next visiting the seaside we will all be looking out for our own pieces of mariner's glass! A new pastime for some? 

Val Wright (Aug 19)

Emma from Mind was introduced to the meeting and proceeded to give an insight into the Charity, which is also a housing Association.

Mind is a mental health charity and we were all reminded that most people at some time in their life would have experienced some form of mental illness, in the form of grief, anxiety, panic attacks, depression to name a few. However minor upsets have no long term problems, but for some people these problems are severe and that is when help from Mind is needed.

The vision and ethos of the Charity were then explained and questions were asked by members. A very thought provoking meeting.

The July meeting is on 24 th July and is a trip to Elsham Hall Garden and secret Garden Café, arrive for 2.30pm

Valerie Wright

Rase WI “ Hell on Wheels” meeting ................

Members had awaited with bated breath for a visit from leather clad Hells Angels on magnificent bikes expecting for at least a joy ride.

However, this was not the case, but no one had anticipated what a very entertaining and fun evening lay ahead as they were introduced to Stephen Brown a driving instructor. He proceeded to share the experiences he had encountered in his career with a brief look at the history and statistics of the driving test over the years. This information was scattered with extremely amusing and funny questions he had been asked by some of his learner drivers and members were in fits of laughter. Certainly one of Rase's most entertaining speakers!

Oh yes we were misled, the introduction should have read ‘L on wheels'.

Valerie Wright

The last meeting of Rase W I.was held in March at Middle Rasen village hall.Two guests were welcomed to the meeting.After a short business meeting we went on to have a very interesting talk ,given by Charles Atkinson and two of his friends,about his many finds whilst metal detecting.He has worked in many areas of Lincolnshire with the permission of local land owners,and also on the new Lincoln bypass.He brought with him a large amount of Roman finds which he handed round for us to look at.It was good to see some of the items of local history which were a great talking point.

The next meeting is "Hell on Wheels"test your skills with Steve Brown,on Wed 24th April at 7/30 .On May 22nd Emma from Mind will be giving a talk entitled "Its good to Listen.

"This is an open meeting,all welcome.£3 to non members.

The Rase WI AGM, was well attended. The meeting voted Yvonne Rowe as our President. Dawn retired from the committee, but the rest of the committee agreed to continue. After the business was concluded, the members took part in a quiz about Lincolnshire, with the winning team declared following a tiebreak. We then went on to enjoy a supper provided by members and a raffle. This Month's meeting is on April 24 th at middle Rasen Village Hall, 7.30pm, when our speaker is Steve Brown, Hell on Wheels, come along to see if you would pass or fail. All welcome.

Rosie Dawson (Rase Wl Secretary)


Rase WI ladies enjoying a late Christmas meal at Market Rasen Golf Club on Friday the 11 th February as their original dinner, scheduled in December, was cancelled due to the bad weather! Rase WI meets every third Wednesday of each month at Middle Rasen Village Hall at 7.30 pm. If any ladies would like to come and join they will be made most welcome


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