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The Parish Council Meets

3rd Tuesday 7.30pm

Church Hall 842744

Mondays (term time)


Village Hall @ 6.30pm


Church Hall @ 4.15pm


Church Hall @ 6pm


Mothers Union

1st Wednesday 7.30pm Church Hall

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Every Wednesday 2.30 pm at Middle Rasen Methodist Church

The Women's Own group were captivated when their recent speaker Helen McLaughlin spoke about her son's journey to the Special Olympics World Games. The group were thrilled to see the amazing display of photos and the many medals that Andrew has won in gymnastic competitions leading to his place at the games. In addition to Andrew's accomplishments in gymnastics he has also achieved his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award whilst at school in Cheshire .

C:\Users\amforth\Pictures\Vera`s Photo.jpgIt is amazing to discover that Women's Own group in Middle Rasen have been holding weekly meetings every Wednesday afternoon since 16h October 1940! When the group was first formed there were three Chapels in the village and the plan was to meet at each Chapel in turn. Initially a president was elected with three vice presidents, one from each Chapel. Tea and biscuits cost 1d with six ladies on the “tea committee”. A collection at the first meeting amounted to 2s 8d. Vera Hankin's mother and grandmother were two of the founder members, following family tradition Vera joined the group in 1952. During the 60 years that Vera has been a member she held the role of treasurer for 42 years, and president for 25 years giving up her role recently as treasurer and remaining as president. Throughout its lifetime membership has fluctuated, especially during the war years when lots of women went out to work. The group continues to thrive, with twenty four members who attend regularly to enjoy guest speakers and the wide ranging activities that take place. The group hold an annual charity event where they raise money for children's or local charities. If you are interested in joining the group they meet every Wednesday at 2 pm at Middle Rasen Methodist Church. If you are a little apprehensive of walking in on your own give Alice a ring on 01673 843256 who will arrange for some to meet and welcome you.


Weight Watchers

Saturday 10 - 11am Village Hall



Wednesday 7.30pm Village Hall


Football & Cricket

Village Hall 842744


Nags Head

Pool, Darts, Dominoes



West Rasen Events

West Rasen Village Hall and Heritage Centre

Meets monthly

1st Tuesday 7.30pm

Details from Maureen Sowray(844564)


Green Man Day

1st Monday Bank Holiday in May

1pm - 4pm

Details Liz Margrave 01674 844047


Horticultural Society

2nd Thursday 7.30pm Church Hall 843206

( Sweet pea show 3rd Saturday in June & Main show 3rd Saturday in July )

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Pre School

everyday term time 844131 more


Primary School

everyday term time 843250 more



Camera Club


Market Rasen camera club meet in the community room at Middle Rasen village Hall on Wednesday 10 th February at 7.30pm. The theme for the evening is ‘Winter Wonderland' and members and visitors are invited to bring up to ten prints or slides to show and discuss. We hope to do a feature on the club for the next issue but if you want to see and hear what they do, please contact Ray Halstead the camera club secretary on 842142.


News from Carole Raynor

Market Rasen Beekeeping Club was set up some years ago by Brian Oxborrow, our current Chairman, and the late Brian Ayres. Their aim was to promote beekeeping, provide an opportunity for prospective beekeepers to find out about the craft and to encourage best practice in beekeeping. Those aims remain in place today.


Setting up as a beekeeper can be expensive, so it makes sense to find out first whether or not it's for you. There is no better way of doing this than by having a go for yourself and with Market Rasen Beekeepers (MRBK) you can do just that. We have our own apiary; that is several colonies (hives) of bees. Newcomers can learn about the equipment, how to handle and manage the bees, how to harvest and process the honey and will also make valuable contact with experienced beekeepers. In addition we have some larger pieces of equipment that members can borrow.

MRBK is a district member of the Lincolnshire Beekeeping Association (LBKA,) which in turn is part of the British Beekeeping Association (BBKA). Membership of MRBK includes membership to both of these organisations and also provides insurance for your own apiary. You will receive regular newsletters and the latest information on beekeeping.


In the active beekeeping period, April to August, we usually meet at the apiary at Legsby at 6.00pm to do any work necessary. During the busiest times, May to July, this is often weekly. Sometimes we have evening meetings to process the honey, which we sell to boost club funds. During the winter, September to March, we meet at Middle Rasen Church Hall at 7.30pm on the first Thursday evening once a month, when we have beekeeping talks and some social events. If you are interested in finding out more about beekeeping you will receive a warm welcome at MRBK. For further details please contact me, Carole Raynor, Club Secretary (885326).



CLUB or Group Location
Middle Rasen & District Horticultural Society
Middle Rasen Football club
Middle Rasen Cricket Club
Middle Rasen Bowling Club
Short Mat Bowls Group Village Hall
Ronnie Morton's Art Group Church Hall
U3A Local History Group
U3A Drama Group
Mothers Union Church Hall
Luncheon Club Methodist Church
Coffee Morning Methodist Church
Womens Own Methodist Church
Coffee Cake & Chat Group Methodist Church
Guides Village Hall
Brownies Church Hall
Rainbows Church Hall
Ranger Guides Village Hall
The Guild
Rase WI Village Hall
Walk To Group Methodist Church
Camera Club Village Hall
Saturday Club Church Hall
Middle Rasen Church Youth Group Church Hall
Middle Rasen Nursery Middle Rasen School
Middle Rasen Book Club Advocate Arms
Over 60's Keep Fit Club Braemar Close Community Centre
Bell Ringers St Peter & St Paul's Church
Middle Rasen Toddler Group Church Hall
Middle Rasen Karate Club Village Hall
The FISDAC Academy Village Hall
Yoga Village Hall
Zumba Club Methodist Church


From 12-1pm on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month.

Additional helpers are invited to join the teams who prepare and serve the meals. Contact Morris Abbott (842707) for details

Please be aware that there is a waiting list to join the club



Art Group

every Monday 7.30pm` Church Hall


Braemar Close Community Hall ( you don't have to be a resident) 843606


Bell Ringers


By Steve Wright,

It is now sixty-three years since I began the ancient art of bell ringing. I first learnt to ring in 1947 with my sisters Peggy and Elaine. It was in response to an appeal for a new band of bell ringers by Norman Chaddock , the tower captain at our local church in Whiston, near Rotherham . I became a member of the Yorkshire Association of Bell Ringers in 1948. Ringing has always been quite a family affair, with mum and dad providing tea for the regular meetings of the Yorkshire Association, and my three daughters all learning to ring and the eldest being a member of the Surrey Association. Over the past sixty years I have rung in many, many churches across the country. With around 5000 churches with their own sets of bells, bell ringing provides the opportunity to visit some beautiful churches and historical buildings. Every church and its set of bells are different, some presenting quite interesting challenges. Once you know how to handle a bell you will receive a warm welcome at any tower, whatever your ability.

Being a committed service ringer, my aim has always been to ensure the church bells are rung for church services throughout the year and on special occasions. I started ringing in Lincolnshire following the augmentation of eight bells in Caistor Parish Church , and rang regularly at there until I became involved with the re-hanging of the bells at Market Rasen church. Since then I have actively supported and encouraged ringing in Market Rasen, Tealby and Claxby, and latterly here at Middle Rasen. Some of the highlights for me have included ringing a peal for the funeral of King George VI in 1951 and ringing for the Civil Defence Core during my national service in Surrey during 1953-54. In Lincolnshire the highlights have been co-ordinating the re-hanging of the bells at Middle Rasen and training a new band of Middle Rasen Ringers.

(LtoR) Steve, Karen, Angela, Charles, Gill, Colin, Jane & Linda

English style church bell ringing is a fascinating activity that requires physical co-ordination, a sensed of rhythm and good listening skills. It provides mental and physical stimulation, along with the social aspect of working with other ringers. Ringers represent the whole range of society, male and female, young and old and from all walks of life. Ringing is a genuine all-age activity and you are judged by your ability not your social standing whether you are 8, 18 or 80. The ringers of St Peter & St Paul are typical of many bands. We now have a band of eight ringers at Middle Rasen but newcomers are always welcome to learn the art. If you are intrigued, want to learn more or just ‘have a go', do come along to our practice night on Mondays from 7.30pm.


Ding, Dong, Merrily on High!

Linda Patrick explains the attractions of Bell Ringing

There is something very poignant about standing in the bell tower ringing bells that have rung out for thousands of weddings and church services for hundreds of years. Bell ringing keeps alive one of England 's oldest traditions and Middle Rasen village should feel proud that its Church has such a wonderful ring of bells. I started bell ringing four years ago and have found it to be a very rewarding hobby. It is not just about ringing peals. I also enjoy the company and fellowship, especially at the Monday night practice sessions, which begin at 7:30pm. We always have a good laugh.

On 30 th November, the Middle Rasen ringers, accompanied by two friends from Grimsby took up the challenge to ring their first peal of ‘Plain Bob Minor', to mark the beginning of the Christian season of Advent. It is a peal that takes approx two hours and forty-five minutes to ring and is the first to be rung by a local band for many years, and on the new Millennium bells. As our Tower Captain, Stephen Wright, points out, “Peals are rare to hear as the complicated method involves 5040 different changes. The length of time to ring a peal requires not only a great deal of concentration, but is very tiring, and is attempted only by a band of dedicated and proficient ringers”. We will also be ringing in the New Year, beginning at 11:45pm on New Years Eve.

So if you are 12 years or older and would like to try your hand at this most joyful of hobbies why not pop over on a Monday night and have a go. We would love to see you.



Library Van

No longer calls


Good News Van

1st Wednesday 10-11am Church Hall


All Clubs would welcome New members & Helpers. Just turn up or telephone contact telephone number.


If your group has been missed out or the information is incorrect please contact the Web Manager

Market Rasen

Ballet Market Rasen

Bridge Club every Thursday 7pm. Market Rasen Social Club 849647

Dancing Club Wednesday 7.30pm Festival Hall

Flower Club 3rd Monday 7.30pm Festival hall

Youth Club Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday. De Aston school

Sports Hall Market Rasen





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The art group formerly known as The Ronnie Morton Art Group has been renamed as The Middle Rasen Art Group.  During the summer the group meets out and about at local venues on Monday evenings and return to their usual venue in Middle Rasen Church Hall at the beginning of September.  This year the term commences at 7.30 pm on Monday 2nd September with an art demonstration by Horncastle based professional artist, Pippa Elton. Pippa works in watercolour, oils, gouache, pastel and graphite and although she is also known for illustration in many styles she is a very talented animal portrait artist which she will be demonstrating. This demonstration is open to all at a cost of £5, which includes refreshments, for non-members and free for members.  All are welcome and there is no obligation to join the group.  Any queries please contact Moira on 01673 885470.


C:\Users\amforth\Pictures\2012-01-09 artists group\artists group 001.JPG

The art group was started in 2003 by Ronnie Morten and for the first 2 years the group met in Market Rasen. Very sadly, Ronnie died but the art group that he started has carried on and to this day they still meet once a week. They now meet in Middle Rasen Church Hall every Monday evening at 7.45 pm and finish at 9.45 pm. There are 7 regulars in the group, sometimes as many as 10 come along. It costs £3 per session or £10 paid in advance for 4 sessions. All artists supply their own materials. This is a group of experienced artists who all work individually on their own pieces of work, often advising and encouraging each other and giving each other tips. Occasionally they do invite other artists in to demonstrate techniques in specific areas to continue developing their skills. The wealth of talent in the group is amazing with specialists in oils, water colours, pastels, sketching all covering a range of subject areas. They exhibit their work in Market Rasen and Newton by Toft annually. It is an art group and not an art class, if you are interested in joining the group please contact Moira Garrick on 01673 885470.




The Market Rasen Branch of Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association meet at Middle Rasen Church Hall on the first Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm between September and April. The December meeting was the Fun Honey Show with a wide range of classes for judging. There were a good number of entries in all 18 classes,. This included 8 different classes of Honey Jars, judged by local judge Arthur Adams of Legsby. Arthur carefully explained the process of judging, stating exactly the criteria from each element that formed the basis of his decision in identifying a winning jar. Members and visitors were invited to taste samples from other classes and vote for their favourite. These ranged from honey cakes and biscuits, to chutney's and jams. Other classes included candles and photography with some amazing photos including some of swarms of bees.

Arthur Adams judging jars of honey

If you are interested in keeping bees the costs of a swarm of bees depends on the time of year, which could be next to nothing or in excess of £100. A starter pack of essential equipment costs in the region of £300. The advice from the club is that if you are interested at all, come along on a club night and talk to them about it. For more information contact the Secretary, Phyl Murray on 01673 838543 or by e-mail on phylmajor@aol.com

Futher information on the Bee Keepers group

Keep Fit


A group of around 20 ladies meet up at Middle Rasen Methodist Church every Thursday afternoon to enjoy an hour long session of Zumba fitness training. Zumba is a fun way to keep fit, working out to Latin American Music. If you feel like joining in the fun come along you will be made most welcome. Between 2 pm & 3 pm @ £3 a session


A keep fit class aimed at the over 60's is being held at Braemar Close Community centre in Middle Rasen. It is joint venture between Acis & the Vitality Project. The new classes will focus on gentle exercise set to music and will be held every Monday from 10.30 to 11.30am. The cost is £1.50 per session (£1.20 for sheltered housing residents) including tea & coffee. For more details contact Louise Thompson (01529 411194) louise.thompson@leisureconnection.co.uk

Rase Woman's Institute

Middle Rasen now host Rase WI. The new addittion to WI in Lincolnshire.Visit the WI page on this site

The WI movement is the largest voluntary women's organization in the UK and it exists to educate women so that they are enabled to play an effective role in their communities, as well as expanding their personal horizons and developing important skills which they can pass on.

The group is open to membership from Middle Rasen, Market Rasen and the surrounding areas.



Age Concern Lunch Club

The annual general meeting was held on 12 th February and attended by 32 members. Since its formation in 2002 this very popular Luncheon Club has continued to grow and we now have our maximum number of 48 members + one person ‘in-waiting'. The efforts and commitment of those who prepared and served the meals on a fortnightly basis were greatly appreciated by all present. As were the efficiencies of Morris Abbott, Nancy Vernam, Ann Veal and John Baxter our chairman & vice chair, secretary and treasurer all who were re-elected for a further year along with the rest of the committee who were also re-elected ‘en bloc'. Thanks were also expressed to the Methodist Church for allowing the use of their facilities, and to all those who have provided transport.

Due to rising costs the meal price has had to rise to £2.50 which is still excellent value. Lunches will continue to be served on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at 12.30pm, which during April will be 8 th & 24 th . If you cannot make one of the lunches, please do remember to ring Morris (842707) on the Tuesday before if possible as it is important to know how many to cater for. As the old motto went ‘waste not, want not'.

Middle Rasen & District Bowls Club


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Middle Rasen Bowling Club had a lovely sunny day when it opened up for the season on the 20th April. Members were photographed with some new equipment purchased with a CAV funding grants from WLDC for which the club is most appreciative. The club is also thankful for a donation recently received form the Nag's Head, Middle Rasen. Please note that our friendly club welcomes new bowlers, whether experienced or beginners, for more information please contact

C:\Documents and Settings\Char\My Documents\My Pictures\img001.jpg


The winners of the Peter Rhodes Challenge competition held on Bank Holiday Monday 26 May were Vera Tranter and Cyril Blakey, members of Middle Ra-sen Bowling Club, runners-up were Jane &Adrian Wardle of Kirton Lindsey Bowling Club. Joining our own members were bowlers from Habrough, Immingham, Healing, Cleethorpes and Kirton Lindsey clubs

Ann Veal



It was a lovely sunny summer's day when 16 pairs competed at Middle Rasen for the Wilkinson Trophy. Ann Veal stepped in to save the day when Colin Birkitt's sister, who was to partner him in the competition, was taken ill. Ann and Colin went on to win the competition. The trophy was presented by the Club President, Maurice Higham. On Bank Holiday Monday 27th the club is holding its final open competition of the season.  It is the Jossals Challenge (sponsored by Jossals of Market Rasen).  There are ten teams of six all playing singles, doubles and trebles. 


It has been an excellent season with a record number of members (37) enjoying Monday afternoons and Thursday evenings in the village hall. We have two teams in a local league and one of them, Drax, is the runaway winner of the southern division. They will have to beat the winners of the northern division to become overall champions. Our other team, Tupholme, is in the final of the Ashes Cup, a competition for teams in the southern division. Congratulations to both teams and well done to all members who have played in the matches. Our season ends on the 9th April and begins again next September. For more information contact Roy Kitchen on 01673 842553.

Chris Harrington checks out the lay of the land for the winter break

With the evenings now drawing out and the wonderful smell of freshly mown grass in the air it must be time to enjoy a good relaxing games of bowls. When we moved here last June I bought a set of woods in anticipation of an occasional game on the Middle Rasen bowling green , which is but a stones throw from our house. I didn't get around to it last year, but now that the club secretary Ken Miller has sold me a pair of bowling shoes (which have to be flat) I no longer have an excuse, especially as the green re-opens this month for its 59 th year. The picture below shows the first wood being bowled on the green by bowling veteran Mr G.H. Timms aged 84, on 7 th June 1950 during the first match between Market Rasen and Middle Rasen, which Middle won by nine shots to six. It was a Wednesday evening and has set the pattern for match days ever since.

The club president is Maurice Higham, who kindly allowed us to use this picture from his extensive collection, and whose father had first placed an advert in the Rasen Mail on 3 rd July 1948 asking for anyone who may be interested in forming a bowling club to contact him. The first meeting was subsequently held on 25 th Feb 1949 and the first grass seeds for the green were sown later that year on 15 th September. The green is now owned by Gordon and Ann Veal, whose house overlooks the green and are both long time members of the club. It has been in the family for some time as Gordon's father had bought the green from its original owner Mr Roe.


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