Charitable Funds

Charities and funds for people in Middle Rasen

This village has two charities which are available to aid eligible applicants. For more information visit the Village Hall page or click below

John Wilkinson Charity ~ Charity no. 527746 & Middle Rasen Poor Lands & Poor Meadows Charity ~ Charity No. 216242

You may also apply to the Parish Council for certain grants: Middle Rasen Grant

Remember, when you visit funding organisations they may also be commercial enterprises and we cannot verify their credentials or make recommendations concerning those purporting to be charities.

Julia's Ben Nevis

Well we did it! At 8am on Saturday 6th May, 8 lovely ladies and 2 gorgeous male supporters hit the mountain trail.For 100metres, all seemed easy! We were being lulled into a false sense of security! One of our party sadly had to drop out early as she had twisted her ankle the day before and it became apparent that it would not hold out. Our boys took her down and back to the hotel. Onwards and upwards! Va of the way up, another one of our party, became quite unwell, but fortunately our lovely support team had re-joined us, so back to the hotel they went, taking our very poorly colleague with them! We carried on! The weather was unbelievable but the going was tough - A rocky, steep path all the way. The path climbed steeply at a gradient of 1 in 5! The scenery was stunning - we felt so privileged to be experiencing such beauty! Up, up, up we went - we assumed there would be flat bits where we could catch our breaths, how wrong we were! 5 1 /2 miles of uphill walking! Not for the faint hearted! We thought we were nearly there and went round a corner to see 2 further hills, which were covered in deep snow! We trudged on up - but we had made it! What a sense of achievement and the most amazing views!

It was worth carrying the champagne so far - my goodness, it tasted good!! We had mastered our challenge! Then we had to come down! My poor knees! We had all enjoyed the experience immensely! Even the boys managed to get to the top, despite their 2 journeys back to the hotel! Hopefully, we will have raised over £ 3000.00 for prostate cancer - if you want to sponsor us, its not too late, just pop into the surgery or go on line.

You can donate through to local charity events here. For example, click Julia's Ben Nevis a 2017event in support of funds to treat Prostate Cancer. This comes after the 2016 event for Breast Cancer which raised some £4000 locally. Alternatively, click on Matthew Weeks' Rasen Rows the Channel an event in June to support of the Ethan Maul Foundation.


They did it! On Saturday 3rd June, our 10 wonderful boys from Market Rasen Round Table (5 of whom are from Middle Rasen - George Coopland, Dan Quint, Mike Rogers, Matt Weeks and James Young), succeeded in their mission to row the Channel in aid of Ethan Maull's 'Up yours to Cancer' charity.

They rowed 68 miles from Ramsgate in Kent to Belgium and it took them 12 hours and 20 minutes. The boys said afterwards that they had managed to avoid 2 supertankers, had 5 cases of suncream malfunction, 3 bouts of seasickness and had 5 wees in plastic bottles! At the end they felt like they had consumed 7.5 tonnes of flapjack and 3 cows worth of beef jerky! They drank more lucozade than they ever imagined and despite taking with them 80 beers, they nbelievably drank just 4!!

They returned home with 40 aching limbs, wonderfully intact senses of humour and as 10 accomplished rowers. The rowers want to pass on their thanks to all their families and friends for the support they have been given and to all those who have sponsored them, businesses such as - Monarch Enterprises, Duckworths, Cooplands and Equip (to name just a few) and to everyone else who has donated! To date £ 10,000 has been raised, with hopefully more to come in! As James Beeden said "it was an amazing achievement, with an amazing team of lads who gave everything for a great cause. It was incredibly hard work in rough seas, which gave us a true sense of excitement and kept us focused! But we got there, we did it!" (If you would like to see some videos of the crossing, go to facebook and type in 'RasenRowsTheChannel')

Julia Weeks

Below is information received from various sources, potentially bringing benefits to individuals, the community and parish groups. As always, our information is needs verifying and may need updating.

The Lincolnshire Community Foundation, a charitable trust that makes grants to people throughout Lincolnshire including what used to be Humberside. The charity get funding from the Government, businesses, private individuals and other UK based Trusts to support various themes such as children's projects and disability access projects and welcome applications from people in need. One campaign that's making a big difference in many peoples' lives is the ‘Survive Winter' initiative helping those people less fortunate with winter fuel payments etc. For more information on their grant programme and eligibility criteria please visit their website:

The Lincolnshire Home Improvement Agency is an award-winning charity dedicated to making sure peoples' homes stay a great place to live enabling them to retain their independence during their golden years. The charity can help with issues such as adapting your home to keep up with your lifestyle or modifying it to suit your changing circumstances. They can even help out with repairs, putting up shelves or help to make your home more secure from unwanted visitors. For more information please visit their website:

Groundwork Lincolnshire is a charitable trust dedicated to environmental and economical development, helping people and organisations make changes in order to create better neighbourhoods, building skills and increasing job prospects as well as maintaining a greener way of life. The trust support communities, individuals and businesses throughout Lincolnshire to address environmental, economic and social issues by creating projects and services that benefit both people and the environment. If you would like further information on what Groundwork Lincolnshire may be able to offer your community, please visit their website:

The HELP partnership is made up from representatives from all of Lincolnshire's district councils and the county council.  Together they are working together to reduce fuel poverty and the causes of fuel poverty in the county.  They are also tasked with developing and bringing to market sustainable ways for homes across Lincolnshire to heat their homes. An Affordable Warmth Strategy has been agreed and signed by all the partner authorities outlining the scope of activity required until 2016.  Expert advice from the Energy Saving Trust, NHS, NEA and other third sector partners are sought at all stages of the process.

The HELP Scheme is a discounted insulation scheme available to all householders in Lincolnshire. A well insulated house stays cool in the summer as well as warm in the winter.  So, whatever the time of year, it is worth installing cavity wall insulation and topping up your loft insulation to the recommended 10.5 inches or 270mm.  This is perfect preparation to save money on your winter fuel bills, especially in this era of increasing fuel costs.

If you are aged 70 or over, or in receipt of a qualifying benefit you may be eligible for FREE insulation.  All other residents can have cavity wall insulation installed from £49 and loft insulation from £79 – massively discounted from the current market rates.  Private tenants are also eligible with agreement from your landlord. Call the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012 to arrange your free no obligation survey.


Acis Group, which owns & manages homes across the county, is inviting organisations to apply for a small grant.  The type of bids eligible include support for community resources & support for people experiencing social exclusion.  Go to or call Rachel Cook on 01427 675753