CHARITY NO. 527746

In these difficult times we are mindful that some people and families in Middle Rasen may be going through a challenging period, perhaps because of redundancy or a struggling business venture. It is therefore timely to remind readers of The John Wilkinson Trust and the Middle Rasen Community Fund, two local charities which exist to support Middle Rasen individuals and organisations.

Apart from supporting local groups, such as the primary school and pre-schools, the Horticultural Society, Outdoor Bowls club, Luncheon Club and the Braemar Club, we also confidentially support local people who are in need, not of a hand-out but a hand-up. Several individuals and families have already been supported and nobody should be embarrassed to request support. You do usually need to be in receipt of certain forms of benefit to be eligible and I'd like to emphasise that everything is dealt with in strict confidence.

The charity trustees Pete Dawson (Chair), Gary Fenwick, June Fritzsche, John Padley, Dave Pattison and Carole Sellars (clerk) can all be contacted personally with a query or request, although if you have no preference then Carole, as the clerk, would be the best contact. Carole can be contacted at Smiths Top, Mill Lane, Middle Rasen, LN8 3LE or email

History of this Charity

In his Will dated 13 th February 1720 John Wilkinson stated that the interest from one hundred pounds and the remainder of his personal estate shall “cause to be taught with reading and writing sixteen poor children” eight to be chosen out of the parish of Rasen Drax and eight out of the parish of Rasen Tupholme.


John Wilkinson owned property in the parish of Middle Rasen, including the ground where the Village Hall playing field is now. Wilkinson Drive being named after him. He also had property in the Bail in Lincoln.


The Middle Rasen Village Hall ~ Charity

Since 1720 the John Wilkinson's Charity has made a contribution to the education of children in Middle Rasen. ~ Middle Rasen Primary School recently held a Book Day to promote their new reading scheme. The children & staff  all dressed up as their favourite book character, with the winner from each age group winning a £5 book voucher.

See £1095 being presented in 2006 at the closing assembly


Pictured here are  Peter Dawson ( charity chairman) Carole Sellars ( trustee ) & Melonie Brunton (headmistress) with , of course, the prize winning children.


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A John Wilkinson Memorial Cup which was presented by the trustees after a long standing chairman retired.

Financial support from two local charities

Below can be found the support given to local groups / people in the Parish of Middle Rasen in the year 2006 - 7

John Wilkinson Charity - Charity no. 527746

Organisation Financial Support given

Middle Rasen Pre - School £1,058.43

Middle Rasen Primary School £1,232.31

Middle Rasen Poor Lands & Poor Meadows Charity

Charity No. 216242

Organisation Financial Support given

Middle Rasen Pre - School £783.28

Middle Rasen Primary School £415.00 (trip to Caythorpe)

Braemar Close residents £142.35 (Christmas party)

2nd Middle Rasen Brownies £300.00

Middle Rasen Methodist Church £1,000.00 (Disabled Access)

Middle Rasen Village Hall £3,075.00 (Car Park extension)

If you are aware of an individual (perhaps yourself) or organisation genuinely needing financial help, then please contact either Carole Sellars or Pete Dawson for more details.


 !    Recent gifts, bequests and works

The Middle Rasen Primary School has been provided with a computer for the John Wilkinson IT suite, a weather vane and books and book stands. It also contributed toward the costof a bus to take the children to summer swimming lessons and other outings.

Every year a presentation is made in John Wilkinson's name in the leavers' assembly for those going on to their secondary education.


CHARITY NO. 527746

The aim of this charity is to allow children to get

the most from the education available in the village

& enjoy the things in life that are normally

taken for granted by other families.


This charity helps families or individuals

who are in receipt of

benefit or family tax credit,

whose children live in Middle Rasen parish,

or attend Middle Rasen Pre-School,

or Middle Rasen Primary School.


If you or any family you know might be in need of some help

Please contact in confidence:-

The supervisor, Middle Rasen Pre-school


The Head, Middle Rasen Primary School


The Clerk, Smiths Top, Mill Lane,

Middle Rasen. LN8 3LE

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