Chance to have a say on Local Plan

The first round of public consultation on the draft of a new Local Plan to guide the location and development of housing, jobs, shops and schools over the next 20 years opens on 1 October.

As one of the earliest stages in setting out the forward vision for growth in Central Lincolnshire through to 2036, this initial consultation is an essential opportunity for residents, businesses and organisations to comment on the overarching methodology behind the polices which will guide the way planning applications are considered by the councils covering North Kesteven, West Lindsey and the City of Lincoln.

Growth is needed to accommodate an increased need for homes as the people live longer, are more likely to live alone or in smaller family units and move around more, attracted to the area for work, retirement, education and quality of life.

From October 1 to November 11 people can review the draft local plan for Central Lincolnshire and formally write and email their comments to guide the plan's ongoing development. This will be the first of three rounds of consultation.

The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee is developing the joint plan to co-ordinate where, when, how and to what extent growth takes place across the three areas and how this will be supported by new and improved infrastructure.

Consultation events are being held at the following locations and times:

Committee chairman Cllr Marion Brighton OBE, said : “The main principle is that the area needs to grow, but that that growth must be in the right places, at the right pace and at the right time with infrastructure developed alongside so that communities remain vibrant, sustainable and thriving.

“At this stage it does not include suggested site allocations which we know will be of great interest to people, nor precise target numbers; those will come next year and be subject to further consultation at that time.

“What this plan is about at this time it setting the framework for how we intend to identify suitable sites, what sort of sites we would be looking for and where. It sets out named settlements where we anticipate the growth to be focused and we welcome contributions from all communities to guide that to where it is considered most appropriate.

"Anxious to ensure the public is directly involved in shaping the policies which will affect them and their communities, we are seeking to engage them at every stage over the next 18 months or so.”

Councillor Ric Metcalfe, Leader of City of Lincoln Council, said: The Local Plan is an important document for the future of central Lincolnshire.

“Change is not always popular but it has to happen so the important thing is to influence the change you want.

“The Local Plan aims to give people the jobs and homes they need with transport, goods and service needs also met.

“This is the first time people can have a say on the Local Plan and it is essential they make their views known, either at one of the consultation events or submitting their comments in writing.”

Councillor Jeff Summers, Leader of West Lindsey District Council, said: “ “It is imperative everyone understands the process and participates in the consultation process.

“The three districts are working together to create a coherent strategy around the Lincoln fringe, Gainsborough and Sleaford, which will see a mix of housing and business development. Smaller communities will obviously receive a lower level of growth.

“Infrastructure planning and all types of social needs will have to be met to enable us to achieve the quality environment to which we aspire.”

Councillor Colin Davie, Executive Member for Economic Development, said:

"It's vital people start thinking about the infrastructure that will need to be in place to meet the needs of future generations.

"New homes, roads and schools can't be delivered overnight, and planning needs to start sooner rather than later. 

"But we need to make sure that any improvements take place in a co-ordinated way, with all areas of Central Lincolnshire working together in the best interests of all residents.

"And that can only happen if people let us know their views on the best way forward."

The framework within which the policies for growth will be shaped includes the concepts of:

Information will be available at each partner authority – North Kesteven District Council, West Lindsey District Council, City of Lincoln Council and Lincolnshire County Council from October 1 and also on their websites.

It will also be available at www.central-lincs.org.uk

Comments will be welcomed in writing and online.


For further information please contact:

Julie Lea – Communications Officer – 01522 873443 or 07867 372898 – julie.lea@lincoln.gov.uk



Your Plan for Middle Rasen

Was expected to appear here during 2013/14. The project group will need to be reformed in order to develop a local "parish" plan

Q. What is it?

A Community Led Plan sets out a shared vision for the community and identifies the action needed to achieve it.  It is up to the community to define the issues to be tackled by the plan.  The Community Led Planning process enables the whole community to voice their opinions on what actions they wish to see taken in their local area in the future.

Q. How big will it be and when will we get it?

Community Led Plans can be produced by ANY SIZE of community or neighbourhood including those in urban areas.  The idea of a plan was put forward in early 2012 and the group charged with delivery began work in July. Once started, a plan can take  an average of between 12 and 18 months to complete.

Q. Why us?

Presently in Lincolnshire we have 63 communities who have completed plans, 24 underway (3 refreshes) and 7 communities in the early stages of developing a Community Led Plan.

Q. What are the benefits?

With your enthusiasm and determination Community Led Plans can make things happen in your community.  There can be many benefits of producing a plan, Community Led Plans can:

Q. Whats happened elsewhere in Lincolnshire?

Here are some thoughts from communities who have completed the process;

“The power of the plan has already begun and community spirit enhanced.  Some of the consultation activities are now established e.g. weekly events and holiday schemes for children and youth in the village”.

Mary Hurst, Chair of Surfleet Community Led Plan Steering Group

“The compiling of a Community Led Plan has enabled us to determine the needs and wishes of the residents of East Keal.  With a consensus on many subjects it enables us to have a collective voice on issues that may arise in the future”.

East Keal Parish Council

“The plan has developed an increase in local voluntary action.  Sudbrooke has seen an increase in volunteers and more social and recreational activities for parishioners”

Sudbrooke Communtiy Led Plan Steering group

Q. Where can I get more information?

From the Rural Officers on communityledplanning@communitylincs.com