Community groups, schools and sports organisations can now hire sports equipment thanks to a new sports library in Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire Sports Partnership in conjunction with Running Imp have launched the Lincolnshire Sports Library to offer voluntary groups the chance to borrow sports equipment for events and taster sessions, as part of a loan scheme. Faye Yarwood, Operations Director at Running Imp, said: “We are delighted to be able to sponsor the Lincolnshire Sports Library, a service which will help bring sport into the lives of people of all different ages in the Lincolnshire area. Running Imp has been working in the sports industry for over 24 years, proudly based in Lincoln throughout, and we are excited to work with Lincolnshire Sports Partnership in their bid to build a sporting legacy in the county following the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

There will be an annual membership charge to join the Lincolnshire Sports Library and then additional payment will be required for borrowing the equipment. The Sports Library aims to provide further resources to enable coaches, sports clubs, physical activity groups and schools to deliver local community sports opportunities for all. Prices start from £3 per week.

Who can sign up as a member?

Schools · Community Groups · Voluntary organisations · Sports clubs · Village Halls

How do I sign up as a member?

To sign up as a Lincolnshire Sports Library member, you must fill in the Lincolnshire Sports Library Membership Form .

What equipment can I borrow?

There is a variety of equipment that can be borrowed and this will continually be updated with new products.

Products include:

Item Band
1 Large Marquee (6 metres x 3 metres) D
2 Small Marquee (4.5 metres x 3 metres) D
3 Flooring (82 floor squares at 7×3 and 1 piece 5×3) Flooring Edges (box D
4 Foldable Tables A
5 Large Plastic Cones (3 green. 6 yellow, 4 red, 5 blue) A
6 Flexi Kones (3 green, 3 yellow, 1 orange, 2 blue, 2 red, 1 purple) A
7 Sports Day Variety Bag C
8 Big Box Hockey B
9 Bumper 6 Colour Bag C
10 Hula Hoops A
11 New Age Kurling Sets C
12 Boccia Bags B
13 Standing Triple Jump and Balance mat (Sports Hall ) A
14 Standing Long Jump Mat (Sports Hall) A
15 Floor Mat and Speed Bounce (Sports Hall) A
16 Primary Soft Hammers A
17 Indoor Hurdles (Sports Hall) A
18 Athletic Target Throws (Sports Hall) A
19 Medicine Ball 3kgm A
20 Medicine Ball 2kgm A
21 Medicine Ball 1kgm A
22 Disability Bag (bean bags, hoops and fuzzy balls) A
23 Goal Ball Kit C
24 Bean Bag Zoo A
25 Throw Down Lines and Arrows A
26 Throw Down Spots A
27 Parachute A
28 Disability Athletics Kit B
29 Table Cricket C
30 Ramps for Boccia A
31 Powerchair Footballs A
32 Primary PE kits B
33 Bag of Hockey Sticks B
34 Kwik Cricket B
35 Uni-hoc kit A
36 Mini Rounders Kit A
37 Mini Tennis Nets B
38 Volleyball Kit (Outdoor) C
39 Pugg Goal B
40 Cricket Factory Rebound Slip Net B
41 Cricket Factory All-rounder B
42 Zorb Balls D
43 After Schools Packs C
44 First Play Bag B
45 Ultimate Speed Stacking B
46 Large Speed Stacking B
47 Float Ball Cushions(Swimming) B
48 New Age Kurling Ramps A
49 Sure Shot Junior Basketball and Netball B
50 Easy Play Netball B
51 Basketball Trainer A
52 Multisports Bag B
53 Table-Tennis Bats A
54 Netball Learner Balls A
55 Netball Kit Bag A
56 Tag Rugby Kits B
57 Croquet Sets B
58 Volleyballs A
59 Volley Ladders B
60 Volley Mini Net A
61 Speed Sport Radar A
62 Inflatable Marquees D
63 Generator D
64 Stoolball set B
65 Tug of Colours Rope B
66 Orienteering (Compasses, markers etc) B
67 Box of Bean Bags A
68 Skipping Ropes A
69 Agility Pack C
70 Fitness Kit C


A full catalogue of equipment coming soon, but if you'd like to request equipment from the library, please contact Trevor Jones . For further information about the Lincolnshire Sports Library, please view our User Guide .