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Speed Watch



‘20's Plenty for Us' is supporting local councils that want 20mph in their community where people live, work and play. As the Highway Authority, Lincolnshire County Council sets local speed limits and erects signs and road features, such as 20mph roundels. Demonstrating widespread local community support for 20mph helps to persuade Lincolnshire County Council to implement it more widely and cost-effectively. Counties in England such as Cornwall, Oxfordshire and Lancashire, have agreed 20mph for every settlement. In all of those places, 30mph is becoming the exception and will only be on roads that are demonstrably safe for all road users, particularly pedestrians, children and the elderly.  

Adopting a motion in favour of 20mph will help to:  

1) Achieve a 20mph speed limit on roads in your community where people and motor vehicles mix.  

2) Demonstrate to your Highway Authority the desire for 20mph county-wide, making it both cheaper and easier to implement.


Why 20mph?  

1. Safer : The UK's Department for Transport estimates that a 1mph lower speed in built-up areas reduces road casualties by 6%. Successful 20mph schemes result in 30% fewer casualties.  

2. Cleaner (and quieter): 20mph reduces tail-pipe emissions by 25% compared with 30mph and is 50% quieter.  

3. Healthier: 20mph helps to remove the blight of vehicle speed and builds inclusive communities where human activity, including walking, cycling and social interaction, takes first place.  

4. Popular : National and local surveys consistently find 70% support in residential streets; such support rises after 20mph limits are introduced.  

5. Compliance : 20mph is as enforceable as any speed limit. Even with no additional police enforcement, speeds reduce by up to 6mph on faster roads.  

7. Affordable (and cost effective): Multiple economic, societal and environmental benefits at low cost. Entry signs plus repeaters remind drivers with no need for physical calming or additional enforcement.  

8. Little journey time impact : Congestion, junctions and crossings are the determining factors in built up areas and 20mph rarely affects journey times or bus timetables.  

While introducing 20mph outside a school may seem logical, there is no evidence that this is where the danger lies. Families need a safe route for the whole journey, not just the last 100 metres outside the school.  


Motion - Middle Rasen Parish Council:  


· Supports the 20's Plenty for Lincolnshire campaign;  

· Calls on Lincolnshire County Council to implement 20mph in Middle Rasen and on all back roads; and  

· Will write to Lincolnshire County Council to request 20mph speed limits on streets throughout Lincolnshire where people live, work, shop, play or learn, with 30mph as the exception on those roads, where full consideration of the needs of vulnerable road users allows a higher limit.


Thank you to all the people who, on Saturday 16th March 24 or the day on either side of it, collected so much rubbish for the spring Litter Pick. In the village, in the dykes, our collectors found two bicycles and a trailer wheel not to mention all manner of other rubbish which we collected in lots of pink rubbish bags. If we didn't go out as we do, the village would resemble a rubbish dump.  

I was horrified when I went down Sand Lane and saw the amount of fly tipping that has occurred. Some of which was shown up by the fact that the ditches had been recently dug out. I cannot understand what type of person dumps what must have been a full black sack of baby's nappies which the rain had filled making them really heavy. I had to pick many of the nappies up one by one as many of them had gone into the road as well as being on the verge. I could barely lift the two pink bin bags which I had to use and so, had to leave them and a tyre behind to be picked up by the West Lindsey lorry.  Please think about your local area and those of us who have to clear up after you before dumping your rubbish.

Thank you once again to everyone who joins me on these litter picks and thank you to the men working with the council who have the uneviable task of collecting it all when we've finished. To all of you who go out regularly to pick up the rubbish, please continue to do so to keep our village presentable.  To everyone else within our community, please don't throw your rubbish into the streets and dykes – always dispose of it in the correct manner. ....Gail Dennis


At last, a sunny weekend in February, so a good reason to take a little stroll round the village. I decided to walk from the Church to Manor Drive and I was very unimpressed by the amount of rubbish lurking in the hedgerows in that short stretch of road. I resolved to walk the same route the next day (another beautiful Spring Day) so armed with a litter picking stick and a carrier bag I set off. The results from this venture ~I have renamed a part of that route “tin can alley”. I am left wondering whether people are aware that tins, bottles and sweet wrappers are not biodegradable. In just under an hour the carrier bag used was bursting at the seams, so please everyone, take your litter home and make the countryside a safer place for wildlife.

Val Wright feb ' 24




On the first Friday of each month, the Rasen Area Memory Café is open to the public at THE Festival Hall, Market Rasen, LN8 3HT. A dementia friendly group that welcomes all, whether you need a little bit of company, or just want to have a cup of tea. There are activities available during the sessions, such as wordsearches and puzzles, music, chair-based dancing, and much more. There is never any pressure to take part in the activities, you are welcome to join in or just relax. The café is ideal for individuals who are struggling with their memory, or family members, carers and support networks of those living with dementia, to provide a community of support, however you need it. So come along and join the Rasen Area Memory Café at their next meeting, the café is open from 10am until 12 noon. There is a £1 voluntary donation to help cover the cost of refreshments.  

There is parking at Festival Hall available, free for 2 hours (you still need to display a ticket). For more information please email or join our Facebook group: Rasen Area Memory Café.  

2024 Dates : 5 th April 2024 – special guests Panache join us for some nostalgic melodies. 3 rd May 2024, 7 th June 2024, 5 th July 2024, 2 nd August 2024, 6 th September 2024, 4 th October 2024, 1 st November 2024, 6 th December 2024



Gainsborough Urgent Treatment Centre to open from 2/11/20

Lincolnshire Community Health Services (LCHS) NHS Trust have upgraded the existing Gainsborough Minor Injury Unit to an Urgent Treatment Centre. There are a number of benefits of an Urgent Treatment Centre for patients which include bookable appointments - introduced at Gainsborough last month in readiness for the switch to a UTC level of service - and a range of additional services including X-rays, pregnancy, urine and blood tests.

Patients can get help with any urgent medical issues overnight by using the NHS 111 service available over the phone, online by using the app.

As always, if they have a medical emergency, they should call 999.

Lincolnshire councils highlight funding for Government's energy efficiency scheme

Councils from across Greater Lincolnshire have joined forces to help people cut their home energy costs.

Launched in June, the Lincs 4 Warmer Homes (L4WH) scheme was set up across Greater Lincolnshire offering home energy efficiency improvements and advice. As part of this, the partnership is calling for residents to enquire about the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding stream now available. Improvements available as part of the funding include

• Loft insulation

• Cavity wall insulation

• Solid wall insulation

• Boiler replacements

• First-time central heating

Councillor Owen Bierley, Deputy Leader of West Lindsey District Council, said: “Having access to funding and expert advice is an important service for people who are struggling to afford to keep their homes warm and safe. I therefore urge any resident who thinks they are eligible to get in touch and find out what they could be eligible for.” L4WH is administered by North East Lincolnshire Council's regeneration partner, ENGIE, for all ten local authorities. For more information or to contact Lincolnshire for Warmer Homes about funding opportunities visit call (01472) 326434 or email .


Temporary Road Closures

Information is also available in map form at

Road Closure Order in place on:


If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the LCC Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070. 

School Term Dates (may vary)

School Term 5 ..... ~~~ Term 6 ...... ~~~ new Term 1 ......


Middle Rasen Litter Picking


On 19 th March a group of at least 9 villagers joined together to take part in what has now become a regular item in the Middle Rasen village calendar, the bi-annual litter picking morning organised by Gail Dennis. We as a village are forever grateful to these community minded people who, along with a group of regular tidy minded residents, give up their time to keep the village looking tidy. On this occasion, they ventured to Jackson's Field, Mill Lane, Stockmoor Lane, Manor Drive, Green Lane, the Playing Field, North Street, along the main road, Dovecote and Church Street; they also cleared lots of leaves into green bins along the walkway between Church Street and Dovecote. Thank You to all those involved.


The Rotary Club of Market Rasen also tagged onto this occasion and cleared the north side of the  A631 between Manor Drive and the first bend at West Rasen. They collected some 21 bags of rubbish including 4 bags of plastic only to support a school initiative “Kids against Plastic”. This was maybe the only time this area has been cleaned - although the job is not quite finished, and another morning will be needed to see the completion! There was a particularly large array of rubbish around the sewerage work entrance. The items collected were the usual suspects of cans, bottles, papers, but there was also a car tyre, event placards and a child car safety seat! Thanks to the 9 Rotarians and Friends of Rotary who turned up for a couple of hours of hard work, entertainment and camaraderie.  

Ron Myland


Keeping Middle Rasen Tidy 

For years there has been a dedicated band of litter pickers keeping the village tidy thanks to Councillor Dennis' initiative. During the pandemic we have noticed more and more people collecting litter on their daily walks around the village. Stirling work with excellent results, also perhaps some reformed litter louts have got the message and turned over a new leaf! You may all be as dismayed as we were when we discovered an array of plastic charity collection packs strewn in and on the banks of River Rase, off the footpath towards West Rasen from the junction of North Street and Manor Drive. Undoubtedly the litter lout had been paid by Care for Cancer to deliver the packs and through their ignorance may have also deprived the charity of some donated goods! If the culprit sees or hears of this article, donating to the charity and writing an apology to the Parish Council could make amends, although it is likely that this was not a local from the village. Calling all litter louts take your cans, bottles, soiled nappies, plastic cups, and any other rubbish home. Hopefully, gradually litter in the village will disappear.

Two litter pickers ....... Anon from Community Spirit April 2021


Force Open a Recruitment Drive with a Focus on Family, the County and Diversity.

Lincolnshire police is launching its latest recruitment campaign today with a new appeal to people from the east of the county, people with second language skills and people from BAME communities to join the force.

A new DC (Detective Constable) Fast Track scheme is also being launched that will help successful applicants with a desire to be detectives develop key skills for these roles in a more condensed fashion than before.

A Facebook Live Q&A session will also be held at 7pm on the 12 October where prospective recruits can ask questions of a panel of officers.

Throughout the eight-week campaign the force will be releasing a series of promotional videos on social media to showcase the diverse range of people and skills that work for the organisation, as well as holding a series of community events and online Q&A sessions for potential recruits to find out more about the force.

DI Lee St Quinton of Lincolnshire Police's Horizons 2023 Programme said: “ As part of the national uplift which will see 20,000 extra police officers on our streets, we are really pleased to be able to continue with our recruitment of new officers into the force. The recruitment window which opens today will see targeted efforts in recruiting from minority groups that make up our diverse communities. We would particularly like to hear from candidates who are able to speak a second language, those willing to work on the east of the county and those applicants who come from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.


“Policing in Lincolnshire is extremely rewarding with a number of opportunities to specialise throughout your career: Our new Detective Fast Track scheme is a great opportunity for those applicants who can think differently and have a particular attention to detail.


“Policing is made up of people from all walks of life, the videos that we will be releasing throughout the campaign will hopefully help potential officers realise the diversity within our organisation, challenging many stereotypes along the way. We are committed to developing a skilled workforce that is not only fit for purpose, but one that is truly representative the different communities that we serve.”

The videos that the force is releasing will tell the stories of several working officers, all from different backgrounds and with different histories:

•  A husband and wife team working in Response and CID respectively, with three children will talk about how they manage work and family time.

•  A Polish officer working in Boston on Response talks about how his background helps his colleagues and the public.

•  A Chief Inspector who was in the RAF talks about the skills that his forces career gave him and how they helped him transfer into the police.

•  A black officer tells the story of how he joined the force despite his family telling him that ‘black people can't be police officers'.

•  A CID officer talks of the support he receives from the force's SMILE (Supporting Minorities in Lincolnshire through Engagement) network.

A video detailing the DC Fast-track scheme will also be released during the campaign. Rachel Betts, Head of HR for Lincolnshire police added: “There will be a lot of people in Lincolnshire with skills they have gained in their current or previous jobs that would make them excellent candidates, who may not have previously considered a career within the police service. 

“In addition to our usual recruitment for officers who will work in response policing, we now have a new DC Fast Track scheme where there is the opportunity to put these skills into practice in an investigative capacity.

“The diverse nature of our Crime departments means that people with experience in sectors like finance and social care - to name just two - would bring with them skills that are transferable to the role of a detective.  So, if you have never previously considered a career with the police, but this campaign catches your eye, please get in touch.”

People interested in finding out more on a career with the police should initially visit:


***If you have any questions, please contact Lee Kilby, Horizons 2023 Programme Communications Officer on 01522 947696***

Lincolnshire Alert is a community messaging system run by Lincolnshire Police.  The messaging system acts as a tool for the police to give information to registered members on crime reduction and community safety issues. If you would like to receive updates, the website at: and click the 'register now' button .

Increase in planning fees

In line with new government regulations, West Lindsey District Council will be introducing a 20% per cent increase in planning fees. The council will start applying the fee increase from 17 January 2018.  The reference for the Regulations is SI 2017 no.1314

The Government regulations will also introduce a new fee of £402 per 0.1 hectare for ‘Permission in Principle' applications, the ability for authorities to charge for applications for planning permission following the removal of permitted development rights through Article 4 directions or by condition.

Finally, a fee of £96 for prior approval applications to permitted development rights that were introduced in April 2015 and April 2017. These include the rights for the installation of solar PV equipment on non-domestic buildings, the erection of click-and-collect facilities within the land area of a shop, the temporary use of buildings or land for film-making purposes and the provision of temporary school buildings on vacant commercial land for state funded schools.

For further information contact:

Julie Heath, Senior Communications Officer, on (01427) 676502


Councillor Bunney has asked the Middle Rasen Parish Council to let you know that legal and speed gun use training for Speed Watch has been arranged with the local Police and will be taking place .............. 3.30pm (meet in Festival Hall Car Park) on 11 th August.

Middle Rasen Parish Council ask that any other interested parties from Middle Rasen contact Lucy Waller (Market Rasen Town Clerk) who will need confirmed numbers in advance to ensure social distancing on the day. The indoor elements of the training will take place in the Festival Hall but all relevant social distancing/ H&S measures will be in place.

Lucy Waller, Town Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Council Office, Festival Hall, Caistor Road, Market Rasen LN8 3HT

Email: Tel: 01673 842479


Sports Library

Set up for the 2012 olympics, oganisations or groups can hire sports equipment from the Lincolnshire Sports Library

Community Courses for adults age 19+

Please contact the centre on 01522 876258 for further information.


Lincolnshires Library Services

While Market Rasen Library may be closed at present we still offer a range of free online library resources for adults and children , by simply  using your library card number and PIN you can access ebooks, eaudiobooks, emagazines and emusic. You can also get free access to Encyclopaedia Britannica Junior to help with any home schooling projects. Visit and choose from the online resources menu on the right hand side of the page.

If you are not a member of the library you can join online at and get a temporary membership number and PIN that will give you access to all our fabulous resources. You can also follow us @Lincslibraries on Facebook and Twitter and join in with activities such as a virtual Lego Club, Craft Club and weekly story times.

Mel Fenwick

Mobile Library Middle Rasen


As part of an ongoing review of the Lincolnshire Library Service we are changing some of the District Mobile Library routes with effect from 1 July 2017.  The District Mobile Library service will serve 233 stops in the county - some busier stops will get a longer visit, some less well used ones are getting a slightly reduced visit and some will be removed.  Unfortunately there has been low attendance throughout the year at the Mobile Stop at Middle Rasen and so the vehicle will no longer be visiting the village.

There is Market Rasen Library which is only 5 mins away by car.

If any residents are unable to travel to Market Rasen, can you please pass on my contact details below, so that we can offer them a visit from our Access Mobile which delivers library resources directly to customer's homes


Graham Owen , Mobile Library Team Leader , GLL  Library Services

Lexicon House , Stephenson Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln , LN6 3QU Tele:-07483017085


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