MIDDLE RASEN and Coronavirus

Coronavirus COVID-19 HMGov information

Grocery Deliveries for vulnerable adults in Middle Rasen <<more>>

Dental Care and local services <<more>>

West Lindsey Community Bulletin <<more>>
An individual needing help as a result of COVID-19 or self-isolation (Item 4)
A community organisation/parish council needing support/funding (Item 5)
A business needing support/funding (Item 6)
Someone wanting to volunteer to help (Item 7)


Hello! If you are Self-Isolating, we can help. Our names and contact numbers are

Julia 07760 310286 / 842474

Helen 07880 351966

Byran & Theresa - 842759

Richard 07711 494676 / 844676

Quin 844155

Amy 07828 872089 / 842991

Gary - 07585602556


We all live within Middle Rasen!


If you are self-isolating due to COVID-19 (Corona Virus) we can help with


Picking up shopping / prescriptions

Posting Mail

A Friendly Phone call

Urgent Supplies

Dog walking


Just Call or Text us and we will do our best to help you!


Corona Virus is contagious. Please take every precaution to ensure you are spreading only kindness. Avoid physical contact (2m Distance). Wash your hands regularly. Items should be left on your doorstep!




Masks are not thought to be effective, but if you want to make one which can be washed frequently to reused and may protect others, see below.

  1. Use a piece of durable cloth
  2. Pattern the shape
  3. Iron the folds in the mask, and sew the sides
  4. Provide a hole for inserting materials such as fresh tissue, as filter material
  5. Adjust the contours of the face
  6. Use, wash and replace with new filter materials regularly.