"The needs of this world seem overwhelming. Together we can change the course of history and turn things around. Everyone has their chance to make their mark on the world and leave a legacy that counts. That has become my life's passion. I invite you to join me.. Step Up and Be an Angel!"

Molly Bedingfield CEO of 'Global Angels'

I am planning to walk this iconic route starting in early March 2018 and hopefully completing the trek in one go. I'll be camping as much as possible but will stay with friends and family along the way so that I'll be clean and dry at least now and then!

Why am I doing it? I keep asking myself that question and will probably ponder it much more when I'm plodding along in the rain! Partly it's because I just want to know if I can, and how I'll react when the going gets tough. The other big reason is that I want to raise money for, and awareness of, a charity called Global Angels. Global Angels ( https://globalangels.org/ ) is a wonderful charity doing amazing work in some of the poorest places on earth. Since its inception in 2005 it has provided safe drinking water to over 160,000 people, provided medical care to another 170,000 and trained 60 medics. Over 2 million meals have been supplied through a school feeding programme and over 13,500 children are being educated in schools or classrooms built by Global Angels. Currently a pilot programme in Tsavo, Kenya is bringing water, education, energy and social empowerment to 2,000 people with a projected roll-out to 20,000 by 2023. Global Angels is actively supported by such celebrities as Prince Harry, Bear Grylls, Molly, Natasha and Nikola Bedingfield, Hayley Westenra and many others.

If you would like to support me please see my Just Giving page ( http://bit.ly/2tNRmlO ) and you can follow my training and the walk itself I'll be posting updates regularly on Facebook ( http://bit.ly/2tNYyEw ). And if you fancy joining me for an hour or two (or more if you like!) I'll be keeping my proposed route updated on Google Maps ( http://bit.ly/2v7HJZg ). You can also contact me directly on 07711 494676 or email me at RWJHarries@gmail.com .

Thank you ....... Richard Harries, Consultant Radiologist