1. HOURS OF INTERMENTS: the hours for interment ( for all denominations ) are as follows: MONDAY TO SATURDAY 10 AM TO 15.30 PM.

No interment shall take place outside the above hours or on Sundays, or general public holidays except in cases of special emergencies and then only at approved hours and on payment of the appropriate additional fee.

2 . BURIALS & MEMORIALS: No burial shall take place, no cremated human remains shall be scattered, or buried, no memorial shall be placed in the cemetery and no additional inscription shall be made on any memorial without the permission of the Council.

3. NOTICE OF INTERMENT: Notice shall be given to the Clerk of the Council not less than three full working days.

4. OFFICIAL PLAN: The Clerk of the Council will arrange suitable notice arrangements to view plans of the Cemetery and Grave allocations along with the official Cemetery Rules and Regulations with respect to the management of the Cemetery.

5. TRANSFER TO BE REGISTERED: No transfer of an Exclusive Right of Burial shall be deemed valid unless and until the same is verified and registered at the Council Office.

6. PAYMENT OF FEES AND CHARGES: All charges and fees payable for anything whatsoever in connection with the Cemetery shall be paid to the Council via the clerk. No receipt other than an official receipt issued by the Council will be acceptable as proof of payment.

7. MONUMENTS ETC: Only on graves for which the Executive Right of Burial has been purchased. No monument, Gravestone or Tablet will be allowed over any Grave, which Exclusive Right of Burial has not been purchased.


Shall be subject to the approval of the Council and a drawing showing the form and maximum dimensions of every gravestone, monument or vase, proposed to be erected, together with a copy of the inscription intended to be cut or made thereon, must be deposited at the office of the Clerk to the Council. All such gravestones, monuments and vases shall be placed at the head of the grave space and no kerbs are permitted.

Space for ornaments/floral tributes will be allowed at the head of the grave, in an area no more than 1 foot/300mm in depth from the headstone, to include plinth, and a maximum of 2feet/600mm in width. The number of non floral tributes is to be no more than two. Maximum height of ornaments is to be no more than 8inches/200mm.No lights or illuminated ornaments of any type are permissible.

9. MONUMENTS OR OTHER ERECTIONS: in the opinion of the Council not being maintained in a good and sufficient manner, the Council shall be at liberty to execute such works as may be necessary and recover the amount expended by them in doing so from any person in whom the grave to which such monument or erection, shall belong or be appurtenant, or may remove and dispose of such monument or erection.

10. TREES OR SHRUBS: require the consent of the Council before any planting may take place in or near a grave Also any seats which are donated need prior approval of the Council before they are placed in the cemetery.

11. MAINTENANCE OF GRAVE SPACE: shall be the responsibility of the Council (Home Office Rules ). The Council will keep the grassed areas mown at their own expense, but will not undertake to keep clean or maintain memorials, this shall be the responsibility of the owner.

12. RECEPTACLES FOR FLOWERS: The Council reserve the right to remove any such receptacles for flowers which it considers unsuitable, without notice. Glass containers such as jars, milk bottles, plastic containers are strictly prohibited.

13. NO CYCLING: will be allowed in the Cemetery.

14. MOTOR VEHICLES: are not allowed in the Cemetery other than duly authorised vehicles.

15. FLORAL TRIBUTES AND WREATHS: which have died or faded, will be removed from graves at the Council ' s discretion by staff if the owners fail to do so. Holly wreaths will be removed by the end of February.

16. CONDUCT: visitors to the Cemetery are asked to conduct themselves in such a manner that a quiet peaceful atmosphere may be experienced by all.



A new area has been designated for this purpose and full details of restrictions concerning the design and erection of suitably inscribed memorial plaques will be available from the Clerk to the Council.