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Middle Rasen Tractor Run

Sunday 12th January

The Middle Rasen biannual charity Tractor Run assembled in the Nags Head car park early on 12th January 2020. Sheila Hazel, John Branston and the other organisers could be seen busily taking details and numbering the competing tractors as they arrived and parked in ranks across the back car park.

There were 32 entries ranging from the youthful Chris Drakes and Livia Carr from Linwood, in a pristine giant sized green John Deer, and the village's local builder/joiner, Kevin Salmon, in his little gray Fergie towing a trailer of spectators. The route took them north through the village to Osgodby Top Road and on to Walesby. Crossing into Tealby, via Catskin Lane it sounds like the people in Kevin's open trailer go a bit of a soaking! From Tealby the tractors slowly processed onto Sand Lane and across to North Willingham before touching Legsby, Bleesby and Linwood. From Market Rasen they came safely back to the Nags Head for beef stew at the bar.

To add to the sums collected that morning, Tom Ashton called the auction of gifted items and produce, followed by Phil Hazel with the event raffle. The organisers are pleased to report the January Tractor Run raised the sum of £910 which goes to Cancer Research, this January's charity of choice.

The organisers give special thanks to the competitors and public for attending and to Nigel and Mandy (The Nags Head, Middle Rasen) who provided the premises for the start and finish and for their work preparing food for the competitors as well as offering a full Sunday lunch to the public in attendance.


Middle Rasen Tractor Run, January 2020


SUNDAY 21st July 2019

SKINNERS LANE , Middle Rasen (LN8 3JD)

Sunday 21st July was a brilliant day and many will remember the weather being nothing less than a mini heatwave. The Middle Rasen Tractor Run is a chance meet and enjoy a day with a rural focus, a car boot, auction sale, refreshments, raffle and all for a good cause. With 47 entries rolling off from Skinners Lane at 10 am, the line of tractors made an impressive spectacle. Unlike the January run which went north from the village, the summer run goes through Middle Rasen, crossing the A46/A631 toward Lissington and the southern villages.

Angela Mayne was on hand with camera for the start and captures the event for us in pictures. Thank you Angela.

Middle Rasen Tractor Run, July 2019 .... Angela Mayne

The Summer Tractor Run is held annually from Skinners Lane by John Banston, Steve Carter and Pete Ward. Unlike the winter event, held for Cancer Research UK, this one gifts its proceeds to the Urology Department of Lincoln County Hospital. Sheila Hazel and Maggie Branston were in charge of funds on the day and report a total take of £638, after expenses. All proceeds go to the fight against prostate cancer locally.

The next event (in aid of Cancer Research UK) is 10am, on 12th January 2020 goes from the Nags Head PH, LN8 3JU. Those involved hope to see you there.

Success for the JANUARY 2019 run.

January 13th saw the Middle Rasen biannual Charity Tractor Run leave the Nags Head at 10 am sharp, to raise a total of £1044 for Cancer Research UK.

John Branston, Sheila Hazel and Maggie Branston run the event twice a year and, with the support of regular sponsors and competitors from across Lincolnshire and Notts, they have broken through the £1k barrier for the first time. Sheila Hazel who has collected for the charity since 1972, is pleased to get regular support. She mentions Henry Ashton (Action Veg) and Tom Ashton (event auctioneer) from Boston and the many others who attend with a variety of tractors, both ancient and modern. Attendees also provide the actionable lots up for bids after the event and the attractive prizes for the post run draw. Sheila gives the example of typical gift/prize, a pair of young person's Try Dives (BSAC) sub aqua training sessions, which made £60 at auction.

The run route went out through the back of Middle Rasen, through Osgodby, Kirkby, Owersby and north toward Thornton le Moor. It then crossed to Holton le Moor and onward to Claxby on Pelham Road. The parade came back to Middle passing Ten Acres on the Top Road and returned to the start a few hours later, where a piping hot stew was provided by Mandy at the Nags Head.


Photographs, thanks to Market Rasen Mail (Dianne Tuckett).

In 2011 - the Tractor Run featured in Radio Lincolnshire's"Pirate Gold" competition!

As a result of some very good publicity about the 2011Autumn Tractor Run, Radio Lincolnshire got is touch with us to ask if they could use the event as part of the clues for their Sunday morning Pirate Gold competition! We were clue 3, so to keep up with the hunt for the “pirate gold” we took a radio to the hall and tuned in. They started off at Tealby and went to the Three Sister's vineyard at Claxby. Then on to us, asking people along the way for information about a Tractor run or Car boot sale. They managed to find someone who knew about our run and they pointed them in our direction, thank you. In burst Amanda Thompson, from Look North, all bouncy and wanting the loo, running down the hall in her high heels. Everyone was in hysterics of at such a funny sight. We had “hidden” clue no 3 outside, on the trailer that has 2 stationary engines to drive lots of puppets, making them come to life. Amanda soon found the clue and from that she ran around asking for information about the next village, where to find coins? That of course was Minting .Eighteen tractors came for the morning run which once again the sun finally shone. Everyone said that they enjoyed the drive and the refreshments after the run, and of course they were well entertained. The event raised £250 towards the village hall funds. Carole Sellars