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Meetings of the Parish Council are normally held on 3rd Tuesday in the Church Hall, North Street LN8, with the public forum starting at 7.20pm all are welcome. The public forum is followed by Council Meeting which commences at 7.30pm prompt.

Until further notice the public meetings of the Parish Council continue on 3rd Tuesday commencing at 7.20 pm in the Village Hall. << more >>

On-line publications by the Parish Council will now be found on https://middle-rasen.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk/

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What do Parish councils do for us ?

The Parish Council met remotely via Zoom to comply with current pandemic conditions.  The majority of the Council were in attendance, along with 1 parishioner and LCC Councillor Ian Fleetwood.

The Parish Council discussed the ongoing issues with potholes, and would urge all parishioners to report potholes outside their properties via:- https://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/faults-maintenance/report-pothole - if possible please upload a photo to fully show the size of the pothole.

Discussions on highways matters including the village drain, and widening of public footpaths were undertaken, and the Council have requested information as to whether the Local Authority will be bidding for funding for both footpaths/cycleways, and the recent government commitment to making streets safer.  The burial ground field behind the Church is to be fenced, and a decision will be taken in April on both this fencing and also a shorter stretch along the footpath where the new burial ground has been started. 

The Parish Council would ask all dog owners to act responsibly in the parish and ensure that they clean up after their dogs and utilise the appropriate waste bins.  The current pandemic has seen more members of the public accessing our parish, but has also increased the incidents of dog fouling.  The Parish Council would also ask dog owners who utilise the public footpath at the burial ground to do so responsibly, and not allow their dog off the lead, particularly around graves and headstones.  WLDC officers will be visiting the parish and dog owners who are identified will be fined under new legislation.

The Council also agreed to the refurbishment of the historic water hydrant on Mill Lane, which will be undertaken in the late Spring/early summer, and will review a number of remedial works in the parish in the April meeting.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be undertaken at 7pm prior to the April Parish Council meeting, and these meetings will be held via Zoom with information available on noticeboards and via the website.

Kind regards.

Jo Trotter

Clerk to Middle Rasen Parish Council


Please note we now have a new email address middlerasenparishcouncil@outlook.com


The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council took place on Tuesday 15th May 2018.  Cllr Michael Stamp was re-elected as Chairman and it was agreed that Parish Council meetings will continue to take place on the third Tuesday of each month at the Church Hall.  The public forum starts at 7.20pm with the full Council meeting to follow at 7.30pm.  The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 19th June 2018.

The Council considered issues raised by parishioners, and have asked Cllr Lewis Strange to look into Highways issues on the Gallamore Lane Industrial Estate, contacted Sir Edward Leigh with regard to GDPR legislation and considered all procedural and policy matters in line with standing orders.

Parishioners may be aware (particularly those who live on A631), that flooding on the road continues to be an issue.  LCC, Anglian Water and the Environment Agency have all pooled their resources and a £600K flooding alleviation scheme has been awarded to the parish to minimise flooding on the main road and to homes in this area.  There is a drop-in session by LCC project officers planned for Tuesday 5th June 2018 at the Village Hall where officers from LCC will be able to answer questions about the proposed scheme.  The Council would urge residents to call in to the session in order to ascertain plans, and acknowledge that there will be traffic disruption in the parish for the duration of the works.

Jo Trotter
Clerk to Middle Rasen Parish Council


There are over 8,700 parish and town councils representing around 16 million people across England and are the most local part of our democratic system. The only difference between a town and parish council is the size and name, and towns have their own mayor. Although they have the same powers and can provide the same services, parish councils don't usually have the same level of facilities to look after. The size of the council depends on the size of the village or 'ward'. Here in Middle Rasen there are nine voluntary representatives, known as Parish Councillors, who are elected every four years. Some go on serving for many years. The election is an annual event, so if you are over 18, meet the criteria and you can find two people to nominate you, your name can be put forward.

Serving as a parish councillor is a responsible position, as the parish council has a responsibility for the well being of the local community it serves. Their remit has three main strands - representing the local community, delivering services to meet local needs, and striving to improve the quality of life in the parish. As such they are allocated a certain amount of money from council tax revenues to improve services and facilities in the following areas: burial grounds, bus shelters, open spaces, village green, cutting the grass on the playing field, and planning.

With regard to planning, the council is consulted by West Lindsey District Council on all applications, but the final decision rests with the planning department and Planning Committee at WLDC. The council also acts as a representative voice for the community, communicating with councillors and officers at district and county level. All this makes for quite a few hours spent in meetings, discussing and deciding which activities to support, where money should be spent, what services should be delivered, and what policies should be implemented. They also liaise with the local Police over crime reduction measures.

Parish councils do a vital job and deserve our thanks for the improvements they try and bring to our communities. So thank you all for your time and effort on our behalf.

For more information about the work of this parish council, please go to http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/MiddleRasen


The 2013 Parish Plan Steering Group

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Middle Rasen Parish Council- Chair and Members

On-line publications by the Parish Council will be found on http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/MiddleRasen

Chair Elected ...... Cllr Michael Stamp

Vice Chair Elected ......Cllr David Pattison

Councillor Elected ...... CllrPeter Dawson.

Councillor Elected ...... Cllr T Smith

Councillor Elected ......CllrJohn Padley

Councillor Elected ...... Cllr Jonathan Oxley

Councillor Elected ......Cllr Jane Ranby

Councillor Elected ...... Cllr Gail Dennis

Councillor Elected ......Cllr Mike O'Connor

Clerk to the Parish Council Mrs Jo Trotter
Wingates, Tealby, LN8 3YB tel 07960 411602