Rev David Post,

Parson Pedals Over the Line As Lockdown Lifts!  

Thank you to all who have supported Rev David Post as he has pedaled the country lanes within the 10 mile radius of his home in Middle Rasen, raising funds for and awareness of victims of climate change. On Saturday 10th July, a week before lockdown finally lifted, David crossed the 1029-mile line, up on Girsby Top, and here he is sporting one of his charity Tshirts!

Having started in January and cycling the Land's End to John O'Groats distance again, 11 years after his first adventure, doing the real thing, David has raised almost as many £££ as miles! His target was £1029 to be shared between three charities: TEAR Fund, Christian Aid and Practical Action, all supporting communities devastated by climate change disasters. So far he has raised almost £950. It would great if he could make the target by the end of the summer - so if anyone would still like to donate, please do so directly to David or through Middle Rasen Church. Alternatively, you can give online by searching JustGiving David Post (pedaling parson) and clicking on your chosen charity. 

Thank you for your support. What next? (I hope he's going to help me do some gardening now...). Helen Robinson


~ willing sponsors ~

Being a few years over 80 and a regular cyclist David is cycling 1039 miles (Lands End to Jonh O'Groats) but all done locally in lockdown, and within a 10 mile radius of home.

Unlike his last charitable miles (see below) which were ridden as he meandered across the country calling on friends and colleagues basically going south to north, he isn't riding in the one direction this time. Today (early May), using a detailed map on a prescribed route, he has covered over half the miles largely avoiding unnecessary journey duplication on local roads.

David's intends to share funds between 3 organisations providing a mixed basket of support across the world to people in vulnerable communities affected by climate change. Residents and friends wishing to donate to David Post's ride can do so on Just Giving ... Hit the link ...

Gordon Jennings May 2021

The Pedalling Parson

Thank you to all those who have donated either cash or cheques through the door, or via Just Giving to Dad's cause so far - raising funds for and awareness of victims of climate change via Christian Aid and TEAR Fund, and secular charity Practical Action. Dad has so far totted up 750 miles since January and raised almost £500 of his £1029 target (1029 miles is the distance from Land's End to John O'Groats, completed within a 10 mile radius of Middle Rasen). 

He's had a couple of falls but is battling on and you might see him in one of his charity T-shirts up a Wold one day! Donations large or small all add up, encourage him immensely, and really keep him pedalling!

Search David Post on Just Giving and choose your charity to donate to if you want to give online, or donate at Church or through his door. Thank You!

Helen Robinson June 2020


Locked-down but not out!

Some of you will remember that my Dad, retired Vicar, Rev David Post, did a long distance bike ride (or two!) in his early 70s to raise money for The Foundation for Reconciliation and Relief in the Middle East (FRRME). Dubbed “The Pedalling Parson” by FRRME's founder, Canon Andrew White, Dad is still cycling and, now in his early 80s, with a new hip and inspired by Captain Tom, he feels the pull of a new challenge!

In our attempts to stop him (a) breaking the ‘stay local' rule and (b) cycling into oblivion, we bought him a personalised map with his house at the centre and suggested he try to cycle on every road or track within a safe, 10-mile radius!

Not content with that, Dad decided to cycle the extra mile to try to match his Land's End to John O'Groats mileage (1039), trying to stay within the 10-mile radius, by the end of the summer! Having already cycled almost 500 miles since January, we have no doubt that he will reach his target. If anyone does, however, spot him in his bright, yellow jacket, falling off the edge of the map, cycling into the sunset, please re-direct him or we might never see him again!

This time, David is raising money for Christian Aid, Tear Fund and Practical Action – three charities working to support victims of climate change across the globe. To find out more, please search for David Post, Pedalling Parson on his JustGiving page! There, you can read his story and updates and donate to his target of £1039 (split between his 3 charities). Or, you can just pop money through Dad's door or hand it in at church in an envelope marked ‘David Post Pedalling Parson 2021.' Many thanks!

Helen and Michael Robinson



On Saturday 2nd March 2019 the Rev'd David Post held an Auction Sale in the Middle Rasen Church Hall raising funds for SAT-7

Having published the sale in the February edition of the Community Spirit Magazine, the Rev'd David Post collected over 200 items for the 2nd March sale. Articles gifted including bicycles, household effects, small items of furniture, gardening equipment, etc. Some items we put together in attractive bundles and others, like a cast iron railways sign promising a fine of 40s (shillings) for failing to close a gate, were sold as single lots. On the morning of the sale the Rev'd David, helped by family and friends, together with a strong voice and armed with a trusty gavel, took satisfactory bids on the items gifted. It is notable that the cast iron railway sign sold on the day for £65. Meanwhile, the remaining (unsold) items are being offered for sale to the trade.

This is the second auction sale in aid of SAT-7 by the Rev'd David Post and after this sale David was able to put a cheque in the post for £554, with more to follow when the remaining lots are sold. In February he explained how funding the service helped deliver a positive message to the people of MENA .....

"We are accustomed to hearing lots of bad news about the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. But there is also good news; Through the power of satellite television and digital media, SAT-7 is bringing a message of faith, hope, love and peace directly into the lives of millions of people across the MENA every day, broadcasting 24/7 in the regions three main languages, Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. And they don't leave it there: SAT-7 has viewer support teams across the region, who respond to the hundreds of people who contact them every day. SAT-7 provides:

Discipleship for seekers and believers to help them grow in their faith,

Education for children and adults, especially those who are displaced,

Advocacy for Christians and others on the margins of society.

SAT-7's vision is to see a growing Church in the MENA, confident in Christian faith and witness, serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture."

David has been supporting SAT-7 for a number of years now and hopes to continue to receive help to raise extra funds for this amazing Christian outreach in such a difficult area.



May 24 – June 30 2012

Yes, I know! I said “Never again!” - after my Middle Rasen – Land's End – John O'Groats – Middle Rasen bike ride in 2010 had to be cut short on the way back at Inverness. But you know how it is! You recover. You start cycling again, and before long, your mind gets planning again, and – well, that's what happened to me. So last summer I took the train to Inverness, and cycled back the 500+ miles I had missed out. That completed the original plan.

Well, now the urge to support the continuing need at St. George's, Baghdad is as strong as ever, and I feel ready to have a crack at something as long, but different. I hope to follow National Cycle Route No.1, starting from the point where it passes through Market Rasen, (the traffic lights near the railway bridge), then meanders mainly up the east coast until it ends at the far north of the Shetland Islands. From there I plan to return by a different route, round the north-west coast of Scotland to Ullapool, and across to the Outer Hebrides. While there, weather permitting, I hope to get on a cruise to St. Kilda. I have obtained permission to take my bike, so that I can attempt to cycle up the track to the radar station, which I have been told is the steepest hill in the whole of the UK! You can work out the rest of my route from the map on the next page. Altogether it will be about 2000 miles.

Last time my target was to raise £5,500, one tenth of what was needed each month to fund the aid programme, the medical and dental clinics which give free treatment to all comers, and the kinder-garten and children's work. The generosity of your response was overwhelming, and the final total raised was an amazing £11,219.

So this time my target will be £12,000. It is a huge amount to raise. But I believe we can reach it if each of you who reads this notice will ask five of your relatives, friends or neighbours to join you in supporting my effort. The above table might be helpful for you to keep a record.

Donations may be given in cash in envelopes (which can be handed or delivered to me or my family, Helen and Michael Robinson) or cheques can be made out to – FRRME (David Post's Bike-ride). Alternatively, if you wish to give on line, you can now donate via PayPal at ... just click here

Please mention that it is for David Post's Bike–Ride Fund for St. George's Church in Baghdad.

I would particularly appreciate your prayers for me every day of my journey, for my safety and health, and perseverance to keep going when it's really tough, and that I may be able to tell people about St.George's. The map below shows you where I should be each night.

Rev David C.W. Post





Well it's all over now and certainly proved tougher than I had imagined it would be. It was the toughest assignment I have taken on in my whole life. But I am glad I did it and have learnt a lot through it. I had planned the journey so that I could stay most nights with friends or relatives, and those visits proved to be the highlight of my trip. I set off on Monday 31 st May from Middle Rasen. The first week was comparatively easy, with a gentle northerly breeze behind me hurrying me on my way. But the endless hills of the Cotswolds and Devon and Cornwall soon presented daily challenges. I reached Land's End on Sunday 6 th June, somewhat disappointed at the present commercialisation of its environment.

Then I started the main section of the ride, Land's End to John O'Groats. The next day was the only continuously rainy day of the whole route, though mercifully the wind was behind me. That evening I arrived at my friends house near Bude soaked to the skin and shivering. I was so thankful that I was not having to pitch a tent. I decided from then on not to camp in Scotland when I ran out of friends but to B&B. I started trying to follow ‘the tour book' but soon found myself getting lost in the country lanes. I reverted to following A & B roads which enabled me to get on quicker, though I could still enjoy the varying countryside. But then once I reached South Wales I began battling against a head wind which lasted nearly all the way to John O'Groats, sometimes it was fairly gentle, other days much stronger, especially the further north I got. That was wearing, and as aches and pains were not allowing me to get much sleep, tiredness was relentlessly building up. One particularly depressing day was after I had cycled 95 and 88 miles the previous two days and was looking forward to an easier day of 45 to 50 miles from Rosemarkie to Helmsdale via the Cromarty – Nigg ferry, only to discover that the ‘new' ferry had not yet been delivered. There was therefore no option but to go back all the way round the Cromarty Firth – an extra 32 miles. But in spite of that I did manage to reach John O'Groats the next evening – 21 st June. I had succeeded in doing the great ‘end-to-end' ride.

But as I turned back to B&B at Wick, I realised that the wind had also changed direction and I was going to have to fight it again all the way home! So after a night at Wick, I set off on the homeward journey, but on the second day, with the wind growing stronger by the hour, on reaching Inverness, I finally ‘seized up' and knew I could go no further. My friends Allan and Jan from Nethybridge came and rescued me. When I saw the doctor the next morning, he told me, “You have been pushing yourself way beyond the limits. You must stop now. No more cycling for at least two weeks”. I knew he was right! So I rested with my caring friends for six days before returning home by train. I had completed 1619 miles, without a proper rest day. That was my big mistake. So now three weeks later at the time of writing I am still painfully aching.

I would like to thank you all sincerely for your wonderful support, concern and prayers, which kept me going for so long. I would also like to thank you and friends from all over the country for your amazing generosity in sponsoring me for the people of St George's Church, Baghdad. I don't have final total yet but adding together donations that have come to me personally and through the ‘justgiving' website, and amounts which I know are on the way, the total is already over £5,000. Marvellous. Thank you so much.

1619 miles collecting for St Georges Baghdad

Otherr RELATED Events


Over the weekend 7 th & 8 th November, Middle Rasen Parish Church held an art exhibition to help a church in Iraq . The churches have a connection in that both their vicars, Rev'd Charles Patrick (St Peter & St Paul, Middle Rasen) and Rev'd Canon Andrew White (St George's, Baghdad) trained at theological college together. St George's Baghdad has recently suffered the effects of two huge bomb blasts from suicide bombers, killing at least 155 passers-by and injuring hundreds more. Virtually every member of the Baghdad congregation, which numbers around 3000, has lost family members during the conflict there. The church provides medical assistance, schooling and many other forms of practical help to those in desperate need regardless of creed or colour. The two explosions also inflicted serious damage to the schoolrooms and church, blowing out doors and window frames, and destroying expensive medical equipment in the clinic. As a representative from St George's was due to speak at the Sunday service at Middle Rasen parish church at the end of November the congregation wanted to be able to pass on a gift for those in Baghdad . So it was decided to hold an exhibition of paintings and photographs by local artists in the church hall to raise the money. The local Middle Rasen primary school also got involved and held an art competition called ABC – Art for a Baghdad Church , in which the children were given the challenge of designing stained windows. All the children took part and their work was on display in the exhibition over the weekend. Afterwards they presented their work to Peter Marsden, the rep from St George's when he visited the church.

Some of the art from Middle Rasen School + Pia with her favourite picture (by Lizzie)

Rev'd David Post sold ‘prints while you wait' of his photos from Antarctica whilst explaining about St Georges to visitors. Several local artists generously donated pictures, which were auctioned off during the weekend, helping to raise over £550 for St George's , including Lizzie Thody who donated six. Chris Wilson from East Barkwith kindly supplied all the easels, and members of the ‘Ronnie Morten Art Group', which meet at the church hall every Monday evening, provided many of the pictures. Many thanks to them, and to all who supplied pictures, cakes, and those who kept the kettle on for the many who came to enjoy this excellent exhibition in aid of a worthy cause.



LizzieThody with two of her pictures, ‘The Blitz' by Lizzie, James Parry's striking picture