NYD 2019 ~ Middle Rasen Duck Race

Print /copy this page and cut out the forms required, please.

Complete this form and enclose £1 per duck in a sealed envelope marked "DUCKs". Hand the envelope into Crossroads Stores in the village before 5pm on 29th December. Duck numbers will be allocated by the organisers against your order. .........................

Middle Rasen Duck Race ~ My Order ~ 2019 New Year Day

My name email ( for order confirmation)
Phone no. (or full address)
Owner's Name Duck's Name
Duck Number
Duck Number
Duck Number
Duck Number
Duck Number
Duck Number

Total £/..signed / Scan QR for online form


Printed forms to order ducks will be available at Crossroads Stores

Sealed orders accepted up to 5pm on 29th December


Ducks Released at 12:00pm (mid-day) Tuesday 1st January 2019.

Race Start: Parry's Bridge, Low Church Road, Middle Rasen.

Race Finish: Bridge on Church Street, next to Naylor's Drive, Middle Rasen.