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Faldingworth Parish News


For All Newtoft & Faldingworth Residents


The Church we attend in Lincoln, Ignite Elim obtains surplus food from local supermarkets and distributes food 6 times a week. My husband Mick Colbourne and I collect supplies 2 or 3 times a week and distribute to those in need at Newtoft, Faldingworth and surrounding areas.

You can find details of collections on the Newtoft News Facebook page or please contact me, Lindsey Bebbington-Colbourne, on 07837273444.



More from Faldingworth WI

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the sad passing of our beloved President, Christine Waite, following a short stay in hospital. Personally, I only met her 4 years ago, but it has been an immense privilege to know such a kind and cheerful woman. My first meeting with her was by telephone, when I had just moved to the area and was enquiring about Faldingworth & District WI. Even just by hearing her voice, I could sense her warmth and good humour. All our members who also became her friends will sadly miss her. 

However, the WI must go on, so:

Faldingworth & District WI met via Zoom in March for the Annual Meeting. It was wonderful to see everyone's faces again after so long! We will continue to hold Zoom meetings until we can meet in the Village Hall again, which we are planning to do in July. Our April meeting was a fun quiz and the May meeting will be a debate concerning the proposed campaign to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. We have many exciting meetings planned for the future, but, in the meantime, members still take advantage of the various online and outdoor activities the WI offers. We are ready and able to welcome any new members or visitors, so if you are interested in more information regarding any aspect of the WI, please do get in touch.

Julia Pullen


Faldingworth School News

The staff at Faldingworth Primary School were so excited to welcome all the children back on 8th March! It was a tough couple of months in lockdown and everyone continued to work so hard; we made sure that the children had lots to look forward to on their return.  We are so proud of all our families and children for the resilience they have demonstrated in the past year. Every family is unique and they have tackled the many challenges that home learning presented! Thank you to our wonderful team of teachers and support staff for offering their support during this time.  We are proud to have helped our keyworker families. We would like to offer our thanks to all our essential key workers for working through this latest lockdown. 

Sadly, we weren't able to be altogether for World Book Day this year, however, it didn't stop us celebrating! Children and staff had the option to dress up as their favourite book character on 17 th March and children also decorated a potato as their favourite book character which will be put on display in the school! The teachers dressed as care bears which was a fitting way to emphasise our wellbeing agenda  - we are doing everything we can to help our children settle and adjust to school life after so long at home. Easter celebrations were also different this year, but no less fun! Each class bubble had an Easter Egg Hunt to complete. Friends of School donated an egg for each child in school and Little Jesters Preschool. We

are delighted to announce that Faldingworth and Normanby by Spital Primary Schools now working together officially within the Fair Acres Federation. This means that the two schools work in partnership, sharing a single governing body and a headteacher. We share the same vision and aspiration that our children deserve the best education and we work closely together to develop our curriculum, teaching and school values. We are proud of the relationship we have developed. To find out more, please visit our school websites. 

Kerri Grummell (Headteacher) Tel: 01673 885366 May 21

Faldingworth Community Primary School & Normanby-by-Spital Primary School


Share a Million Stories Challenge at Faldingworth School

We challenged our pupils to read aloud at home daily during the week of World Book Day. This was part of a national campaign to encourage reading and to promote a love of reading. We asked them to read a variety of texts from comics to online texts and more. The children also designed a wooden spoon book character to display at school.

The school has also supported Sport Relief. As well as fundraising through a sporty non-uniform day, we have improved our understanding of the balanced, healthy and nutritious diets that athletes might have, to support their fitness regime. The children designed a healthy breakfast. Some of these were on sale during the week (e.g. porridge, fruit, yoghurt).

We have had an exciting start to the year. Dragon Class topic has been ‘Mission to the Moon' and they have found out about famous astronauts. Lancelot Class has been on a trip to the Lincolnshire Life Museum as part of their history topic. Galahad pupils have been brushing up on their art skills by learning different pencil techniques. They have studied the ancient Chinese tale depicted on the famous willow pattern pottery.  

We have a new trike track in the school grounds, a fabulous addition and a big hit with our younger children. We are also hoping to raise funds to buy some climbing equipment to replace our very old trim trail. Thank you to all the shoppers who have supported our fundraising at Tesco in Market Rasen!

Our Friends of School raised over £600 in one weekend in February. We had great fun at the popular race night at Faldingworth Village Hall and pop-up restaurant at Newtoft Social Club! FOFS are now busy rehearsing for the pantomime ‘Aladdin Trouble' on April 28 th . Thank you to all the FOFS and supporters for giving up their time to help organise and attend these events.

All Saints Church, Faldingworth

Awaits ~ Click to Church Services here

The Churchwardens

Faldingworth Play Area

Have you seen the new equipment? Our Play Area has been updated with some wonderful new play equipment thanks to a £10,000 grant from the Big Lottery Awards for All funding programme.


Loving Faldingworth

We came to live in Faldingworth in February 1970, prior to that we had lived in Bishopbridge. We arrived on a snowy morning with two small children and 43 years on we still live here. What first attracted us to the village was the village school, it was within walking distance of our home. The village shop and the Post Office were also on the High Street, the Church and Chapel were within walking distance with the two pubs close by. Even then there were lots of things going on and we were asked to join the Guild, the Village Hall, the Chapel, Church and the WI. We wanted to Christen our son who had arrived on the previous Christmas morning! I still belonged to The Middle Rasen Young Wives Group and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities they provided. Luckily there were several young children in the village and they all went to the local primary school. They attended Sunday School and went swimming together at Scampton and joined the local Youth Club. We were able to join in lots of the activities as the children grew up. Now, we are very fortunate in that we have a bus service to Grimsby and Lincoln, the bus pass is a real boon. The bowls and short tennis clubs are thriving. A craft club and book club, Women's Institute and Friendship Club meet regularly and sometimes we have a real treat as we did recently when Malcolm Forrest brought his “Wurlitzer” to the village hall and we were able to enjoy an afternoon of proper dancing! It was fantastic! We are blessed with so many talented and friendly people in Faldingworth . Shirley and Laurie Oxborrow


Bee Crafty is a newly formed craft group where people can go along and learn new crafting skills. The group is well attended and they have already made some very interesting boxes, crafted cards and started learning how to crotchet. Their intention is to develop a range of crafting skills suitable for a range of age groups and already have plans in place to make hand crafted wall hangings, cushions, fabric or floral door wreaths and sugar craft cake decorations. Isn't it lovely that children are encouraged to learn traditional crafts? All this takes place at the Memorial Hall in Faldingworth the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month from 7 pm to 9 pm and costs £2 for adults and £1 for children



Entries from Sue Pottinger

Toft Newton Parish News


Whats on / News from Newtoft, Toft Newton

Spring is in the air and at this time of year the residents of Newtoft would be thinking of getting together for the annual spring clean. Unfortunately this wasn't able to go ahead last year or again this year. 

We are a small rural village and try our very best to keep the village and surrounding areas tidy & litter free. To those that seem to think it is ok to empty their vehicles of used cans/bottles, McDonald / KFC wrappings and general rubbish along the grass verges please think hard before doing so. We are lucky enough to have wild animals roaming and people have domestic pets which we don't want to see injured or killed by your rubbish. If you've taken the time to travel this far with rubbish In your car, please take it home and put it in your house bins! I do understand it's not always local people who litter, but let's try our best to keep our village tidy and litter free.

Thanks go to local residents, Anne Downs, Jenny Smith, Doug & Steph Orr and a few others who, when out walking, take time to go with bin bags and pickers collecting this rubbish that has been discarded.

It is disheartening to see no matter how many times we collect, there is always more the next day.  


St Michael's Church, Newton By Toft

As you may be aware the future of the above Church is unknown. There is a danger that it will be closed, only opening for special occasions such as Christenings, weddings and funerals. Over the years, the wider community of the Toft villages has often used the Church.

The upkeep and appearance of the Church grass and the area around the headstones is something we all need to be aware of, especially as it is in the centre of the village. A few of the villagers who were available on Tuesday 7 th , helped me to clear the Church grounds of fallen debris so that I could cut the grass for the first time this year. Taking the possible closure into account and to save the grounds from becoming an eyesore in the future, I have said that I will cut the main grass area of the Church every 2 weeks - anyone wishing to help out the odd time or help with the strimming would be warmly welcomed! Please don't hesitate to get in touch! A proposal has been put forward that we ask all residents of the village to make a donation towards the upkeep of the Church grounds.

Each household willing to donate:

1 - Please put a £5 donation into an envelope

2 - Write on the front of the envelope your name & address

3 - Put the envelope into my postbox at Charlie's Corner, “Wayside”

4 - A record of all donations will be kept, also receipts for fuel, oil, mower maintenance etc will be kept. Any money left over will go into the next year's funds towards any necessary future replacements. A reminder of 2022 donations will be in the March 2022 edition of the Community Spirit.

A Massive Thank you must go to everyone who has already donated – it is wonderful to see how much we care about our lovely village!

Charles Alborne



Support in Newtoft & Toft Newton

If anyone living in Newtoft or Toft Newton needs any help or support over the next few weeks whilst we're still in the grips of Corona Virus, in particu;lar with your shopping or transporting to appointments, please do get in touch with me, Lindsey Bebbington – Colbourne. I am DBS checked! We don't know if this current lockdown will be extended or indeed whether we will have further lockdowns! Please do get in touch if you are vulnerable, isolated in the community or in need and would like my assistance!

Lindsey Bebbington-Colbourne  ( 07837 273444)


Have your say on Future Bespoke Housing in Newtoft

I am a local landowner within the Newtoft area and I am looking to ascertain whether there is a need for custom, bespoke housing within the area. My vision is to support the local community within the locality and provide a development which will not only meet the needs of its residents in the form of housing, bungalows, work from home office spaces, rental and shared ownership opportunities and a small number of amenities, but will regenerate the area encouraging the next generation of local families to place roots within the area and support the thriving local business park. It would also serve to provide for RAF veterans and service personnel. 

The village already has superb facilities with its village hall and sports field, however with a further housing development, other amenities such as a local post office or convenience store could benefit the area. 

The village, with its long-standing RAF heritage and community spirit, already boasts a number of woodland areas, however as part of any potential, future development I would be looking to further develop woodland areas and green spaces in the form of sensory areas and allotments to foster the already instilled sense of community. The green spaces would be central to the development and provide large community areas for shared use along with sustainability and providing for the community in the form of a local farm shop. 

With this in mind I have created a survey for local residents to have their say. The survey can be found at Please complete your responses by 30th November 2020. 

For further information please do not hesitate to contact:


Other Events (after corona)


Toft Tots – Thursdays, Toft Newton Community Centre, 9.15– 11.00, Term Time only

Football .......

Walking Football –Tuesdays, Newtoft Community Centre, 7.30-8.30pm, 16yrs plus

Children's Football – Fridays, 6-7pm, Newtoft Community Centre, Trainers / Footie Boots needed, Outside Play!


Newtoft Pups .... Come on you Pups!

Fitness by Dance ~ A class every Tuesday 6.30-7.30 at the New Toft Village Hall .... £ 2. New dancers always welcome. Contact is Steph Orr 01673 885573

Friesthorpe Village


Remembering ........ November is the month when we especially remember and give thanks for all those who played their part during wars and conflicts, in order to maintain peace - either serving abroad or in occupations at home. In Friesthorpe we particularly remember the Beechey family, whose father was rector here. They had eight sons - five of whom tragically paid the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War. My own father was one of seven brothers (and one sister!). He was in the Royal Navy, and served on several ships of the Fleet (in WW2) including HMS Sheffield. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order. Thankfully, all seven brothers, each of them being in the forces, survived the war.

On Remembrance Sunday (Nov.8) and on Armistice Day (Nov.11) we are proud to remember and give thanks for ALL those who served their country.

Janet Pitchforth Nov 2020

The Importance of Keeping Records

It was very interesting to see that a gentleman from Cumbria who came to St. Peters Church in Friesthorpe recently, had done the right thing by leaving his name and address in our Visitors Book.

Fair enough, one thinks, but then he had added that his great x 6ish grandparents had got married in this church on the 21 st August 1641. On further investigation it was revealed that, according to the records held here, indeed on the 21 st August 1641, Richard Flynton married Heaster Spurr. Upon even further investigation, it has been found that on the 23 rd December 1642, George Spurr, Thomas Spurr and Elizabeth Spurr were all baptised in our church.

It would seem to have been a successful marriage. And now, nearly 400 years later, due to initial paperwork and now computer records, we can trace back these events. I wonder what events will be recorded in 2420?

Heather Moore Nov 2020



Hainton Village


The Heneage Arms, Hainton

Bookings are now not essential, but highly advisable, especially for Friday nights when we do get full. We do allow customers to sit in for drinks only with Government guidelines being observed. Bookings can be made by calling or texting the new mobile tel : 07801 214351 , or by emailing:

We are looking for new bar, kitchen and front of house staff!

Please keep your eyes on the Facebook page and website for any further announcements. Please stay safe and well.


The 2019 Annual Sleigh Race took place on Sunday 22nd December 2019.

Starting from Sixhills at 11.00am and racing to The Heneage Arms in Hainton, approximately 2 miles away. The event is held every year in support of The Linc's & Nott's Air Ambulance. Teams are invited to take part. There will be prizes for the fastest time and the best-dressed sleigh and runners. The cost of entry is £10 per team.

Assemble at The Heneage Arms at 10.30am. Sleigh entries must be non-mechanised or geared. Competitors should be in fancy dress with a theme - Usually Christmas but not strictly so! They must be manned by a Santa who must ride the sleigh, and four Reindeer for pulling / pushing.

All funds raised will be donated to The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.

This event has now been running for approximately 20 years and has raised substantial amounts over that period. So even if you cannot compete please come along and join in the fun. Seasonal fayre will be available on the day.

If you would like more information please contact Wayne Radley on 07909726585 or e-mail

For future events please visit The Heneage Arms on Facebook or


On December 23rd 2018, crowds gathered at the Heneage Arms for the annual Sleigh race. At the beginning numbers of spectators were down a little due to the rain, but they soon picked up as the day went on! A total of 6 teams took part from around the area. The race started at Sixhills and finished at the Heneage Arms pub in Hainton. Seasonal Fayre was available at the pub, including mulled wine, bacon butties and mince pies. The event was won by ‘Santa's Helpers' in a record time of 12 minutes and 30 seconds. In second place were ‘Sixhills', who also beat the previous record time and in 3 rd position were ‘Rudolph's Sprouts'. The prize for the best dressed sleigh was won by ‘West Torrington's Mary Poppins and the Sweeps'. It was then into the pub for well earned refreshments and the drawing of the raffle. The event raised £355.00 for the Lincs and Notts Air ambulance.

Thanks go out to Simon Hickson of the Heneage Arms, Tony Stubbs for the supply of a raffle prize, comprising of a duck dinner, and to everyone else who donated prizes! Vin Heron, Max and Rebecca Bradley for running the timing, and to all the other volunteers, without whom this event would not be possible. For information on next years event, please contact Wayne Radley on 07909726585.


East Barkwith & District WI

Following our AGM in March we are starting on our programme for the next 12 months. It promises many interesting events, some a lot of fun and others more serious, so we hope there will be something for everyone!

The meeting on Thursday April 9th is cancelled due to coronavirus.

Just a reminder that we are always hoping to attract new members and that visitors may join us, free of charge, on three occasions before deciding if they would like to join.

When the current restrictions are lifted, meetings will be held in Barkwith Village Hall beginning at 7pm and always include a very tasty supper!


Barkwith Gardeners

Just when we think we're getting back to some sort of normality, it seems we're still "pending" but I'm hopeful we will be meeting by the end of summer. Positive thoughts lead to positive deeds and mine has to be taking the Gardening Club admin in hand! I was organised during the first lockdown, hopeful it would only be for twelve weeks, but since then, anything on the admin side has just been pushed into the admin drawer, added to on occasion, but never looked at! Having recently sent out the latest mail shot and with an open air meeting in the pipeline, I'm motivated at last. Fingers crossed!

Talking to others, my pots of daffs are late making an appearance, and had we been having our usual Spring Show, I would have been trundling my pots in and out of the greenhouse to bring them on, and the trophies everyone returned in readiness for last years show must now wait for 2022. I'm planning a new project but my gardener's boy is not as enthusiastic! He didn't want to make two raised beds joined by a pergola some years ago and it took eighteen months for him to agree it was a good idea (his, of course!) and get the work done. He's adamant that replacing some bull nosed edging with higher wooden risers won't stop the blackbirds from scratching bark chippings onto the garden, and I'm sure it will. I'm working on it, and I won't be giving in anytime soon!

As most small clubs these days, keeping members interested is paramount, and although our meetings and events follow a pattern, there's always room for change or improvement. Please think on if you want to hear new speakers with different subjects and we will do our best to find them. We hope to recruit new members in the meantime, so if you have new neighbours, please share our Club details, and I can always provide a printout of our events and meetings, just ask.

Since lockdown last year, there has been an increasing amount of exercise programmes on the internet. Nothing I would want to take part in admittedly, but it's worth thinking about. And, I do have my own programme, believe me, really!  It goes like this. Up early, down for the first coffee of the day, read the news on my iPad. I don't need my specs for that. Caught up with the iPad news, now watch Breakfast, no specs, left them upstairs earlier. Go upstairs, decide what to wear today, do a little tidying on my sewing table, go downstairs. Sit down to watch Breakfast, no specs, back upstairs to get them this time. And so it goes on for a good part of the day. Of course I have two pairs, but no idea where the spares are! So, yes, I realised this week that I do have my own exercise programme because usually before breakfast I've been up and down the stairs umpteen times, and there's always a search before I can drive anywhere! It's a memory thing I know, but it's keeping me moving too, and clearly it's now a habit! Does it ring a bell?

Looking forward to more colour in the garden, stay safe everyone, it will be good to catch up soon!

Chris Raynor





An Afternoon Walk with Beryl

Today, for the second time this week, I set out for an afternoon stroll. Unusually, I ‘bumped' into two village personalities out walking their four legged friends, braving the weather which was overcast, mizzerly and damp, but on the plus side it was sharp with the cold so I found it quite pleasant! At one point, I thought where are you sun, just to see your brightness and warmth and send the gloom away, but then, I rounded a bend and there it was! The sun - NO - but a sight to cheer me up, so with a little more lightness in my step I continued a little further! On my way back I rested by the bridge to relax, watching the gentle flow of the water. It was a lovely 5 mins and in the afternoon quiet, I could hear the sound of the flowing water like a babbling brook, so, feeling at peace, I finished my walk.  No sun or blue sky, but everything was ok in my world!

Beryl Reynolds (early 2020)

~ Mary Jordan Remembers ~

It is over forty years since I came to East Barkwith, and there have been many changes in the village since then.  One of the shops became a cafe, then a private house. The chapel ceased to be used for worship, and joined its two predecessors in private use. The YMCA hut was taken down just before it fell down, and was replaced by the Village Hall, which has itself been extended and modified. The reading room, where the Scouts paraded for Baden-Powell, was used as the school dining room, and has gone, replaced by the Play Area. The school and school house, where I kept a bucket on the stairs to catch the rain leaking through the roof, has been converted to a house on sale for over half a million pounds. The pub has gone up-market. The doctor's surgery moved from one bungalow to another, and eventually went to Wragby. The garage has disappeared.  The seed store has been converted into a desirable residence, and the fertiliser factory has been demolished and replaced with another large house. New houses have been built on fields and former gardens - some shoe-horned into spaces which seem impossibly small. Hedges have been grubbed out, then replanted. Farming practices have changed, the machinery has got larger, and tourists have become one of the crops.

However, some things don't change. The people in the village have inevitably changed over forty years, but the present inhabitants are as neighbourly and generous as their predecessors. The Post Office is still there, as is the church.  The response to the restoration appeal shows how much the church is valued by the people of the village - valued for what it represents, and as the village's outstanding building.

Mary Jordan



In late 2009 the parapet and pinnacles of the tower of St Mary's Church were found to be unsafe and had to be removed. The cost of doing this swallowed up the church's entire fabric fund. On the advice of the church architect the committee applied to English Heritage for a grant towards the cost of restoring the tower and renewing the leaking roof and the inadequate drainage system which had allowed water incursion to damage interior plaster work. One year later we were told that the application had been successful and so began the formidable task of raising £38,000, this being 20% of the costs estimated by English Heritage. It was a condition of the grant that the village should do this. A fund raising campaign began in April 2011, initiated by an inspiring document entitled Olympics Restoration Project 2012 which was the brainchild of Martyn Chambers and distributed to every house in the village by Martyn and his family. Over 80% of the village residents and some former residents too responded most generously to the appeal in a number of ways. Many fund raising events were held and applications made to a large number of grant giving organisations and charities. By the autumn of 2011 Martyn was able to tell the village in another moving document that we were well on track to meeting the target. Then came a setback. Six contractors had been invited to tender for the work, but all the tenders came in well above the estimate supplied by English Heritage. In response to a plea for more financial assistance English Heritage granted a further sum, but at the same time, cut some of the intended work, in particular the internal plaster work and subsequent redecoration. In addition to this blow we were devastated to learn that the wiring to the heating system and the organ was unsafe and would have to be disconnected. It looked very much as if we could be left with a building which was structurally sound whilst inside a freezing church plaster would continue to fall from the walls. Next for the good news!


In a final update entitled” You have done it!” Martyn was able to tell the residents and friends of St Mary's that they had excelled themselves by donating a staggering £29,000. Events had raised £7,000, twice what we'd aimed for and other grant giving bodies, so impressed by the efforts of this small community had donated a total of £46,000. Where, you may want to know, will all this “extra” money go? The answer is that everything will be spent on the church. The cost of plasterwork and redecoration has been estimated in excess of £10,000, the wiring to the organ alone will be around £600 and as for the cost of a new heating system, it will run into tens of thousands. If there happened to be any left in the kitty we would very much like to install a toilet and servery, making St Mary's fit for purpose in the 21 st century. It is fitting that this project was entitled Olympic Restoration 2012. Now with the Olympics upon us, those of us who have seen it through from 2009 are ready to pass on the baton to others who we hope will take it forward. Centuries ago the people of East Barkwith gave us our beautiful church. Over the years, others have carried the baton onwards and now in 2012 the people of the village have saved it for generations to come. Thanks to those who responded so magnificently to the appeal, work will shortly begin on our church. As the latest document said “YOU have done it!”

Please click to Services page for up to date information on the Church and services in this month.


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