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The club meets from September to March. on the second Thursday in the month. in the Village Hall.at 7.30pm with speakers on various subjects.

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Seeds Secretary  

Meetings & Events

The September & March meetings are small shows for members with the points going towards  The Hubbert  Trophy  for the most points throughout the year. September also being the AGM. meeting the December & January meeting may be a little different as it may be the Christmas Dinner.

Two shows take place in the year. The 3rd Saturday in June is The Sweet Pea Show The 3rd Saturday in July is The Annual Show & Fete, both are now held in the Village Hall.

The open evening will be in the VILLAGE HALL on Thursday October 12th at 7.30p.m. The meeting is open to everyone, you do not have to be a member. There will be a speaker for the evening followed by a buffet supper. Tickets are normally £ 5 each including supper. Available from Peter Rhodes Electrical Shop or Kath Stephenson 01673 844493 or May Bennett, 01673 843206 or email maybennett@hotmail.co.uk or on the door.

Dobies seed catalogues come in late September & distributed to members, usually having to share. The orders to be back to the seed secretary by 1st December at the very latest, so that hopefully no one is disappointed with their order. We usually get 40% off the seeds & 10% of plantletts & garden equipment, with buying in bulk & the orders distributed at the February meeting.


A very special thanks to Mrs Joyce Heath and family for hosting the show for the past 41 years. The time has come when Joyce feels that after over 40 years of hosting the show it is time to take a back seat and let someone else take over the reigns. Mrs Joyce Rhodes, President, presented Joyce with two large planted tubs and a bouquet of flowers along with many thanks from the committee to the Heath family for the use of their garden and everything else that Joyce and her family has contributed making every show a huge success. May Bennett


Mrs Joyce Heath enjoying a quiet moment in her garden after a very busy and emotional day

Rev'd Chris & Julia Harrington with the winners at the 67th Annual Horticultural Show and Fete held by kind permission of Mrs Joyce Heath


The Horticultural Society holds it's Annual Sweet Pea & Summer Flower show in the Village Hall on a Saturday in early June.

There are more than 30 classes of exhibits and around 4 for children's art work & plants they have grown. Visitors see an array of fragrant displays of sweet peas and other early summer flowers such as Delphiniums, Carnations and Roses.


For more information and an exhibitors entry form contact May Bennett (843206). Raffle prizes donated by local well wishers and businesses are gratefully received


The Horticultural Society holds the members show & AGM in September in the Village Halll.

Dobies seed catalogue is available .

You don't have to be a member -Orders had to be returned by 30th November to receive the 45% discount off seeds.

Contact Carole Sellars 842645 to order or for a catalogue.

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Wheelbarrow Results 2016

Annual Show 2016


Middle Rasen & District Horticultural Society have organised a Grand Coffee Morning to be held in Middle Rasen Methodist Chapel Schoolroom on SATURDAY MARCH 25th from 10.00 - 12.00. Entry will be £ 1 to include coffee, tea and biscuits. Proceeds will go towards putting on the Annual Show on Saturday July 22nd May Bennett


Gardening tips from Community Spirit by John & May Bennett

Bulbs, Corms or Rhizomes for Summer Flowering

•  Choose fresh, healthy stock with no signs of mould or damage.

•  CANNAS - Plant rhizomes as soon as possible to flower this summer. Must be planted inside in warmth and kept in until it warms up in June.

•  GLADIOLI Corms can be planted in the garden from March - May for a succession of flowers.

•  Now time to start BEGOINIA tubers in the warmth for hanging baskets and ones that you may wish to put out in the garden when all risk of frost has passed.

•  Start off DAHLIA tubers in the warmth and take cuttings to increase your stock.

•  The GLOXINIA corm makes a good pot plant for showing or pleasure in the greenhouse.

•  Grow LILIES in the garden or pots for cut flowers.

•  NERINES also make wonderful cut flowers later in the autumn.

•  CALLA LILIES require the same treatment as CANNAS.

•  Whatever you choose to grow for summer flowering read all growing instructions carefully.

John & May Bennett, Middle Rasen & District Horticultural Society.


John & May Bennett, Middle Rasen & District Horticultural Society.

Earlier Articles By John and May

Naturalising bulbs in grass or putting bulbs and plants in containers. Baskets, pots and all shapes of containers can be used. In lawns plant crocus, daffodils and dwarf iris or aconites. Scatter the bulbs randomly and plant where they fall.

You can grow many types of bulbs in containers, daffodils, tulips, hyancinth, alliums, crocus, dwarf iris, anemone blanda is a favourite of ours.

To guarantee dense display of colour-on your patio next spring by layering bulbs in pots. Put large bulbs like daffodils and tulips at the bottom and smaller bulbs like crocus and iris at the top. Cover each layer with multipurpose compost.

Plant pansies, violas, heathers, ivies etc in tubs or baskets along with crocus, dwarf iris, etc.

A bowl packed with single colour dwarf tulips can be stunning.


Can be taken from: Buddleia; Camellia; Choisya; Forsythia; Hebe; Hydrangea; Potentilla; Weigela; Lavender etc. Choose shoots that are almost fully grown except for the soft tip. Pinch the soft tip out.

Length of cutting 3 - 4" long. Strip the lower leaves from each cutting.

Can use root hormone if you wish, but not essential. Insert cuttings around the edge of a pot. Put in a cold frame or cloche.

Remember to label and water thoroughly.

Check that they do not dry out at any time.

You can supply your friends with your new plants as well as stocking up your own garden.

John & May Bennett Middle Rasen & District Horticultural Society


In order to prepare your garden for winter and next spring the following twelve important things really need to be done during October. Don't' leave it too late.

•  Plant Sweet Pea seeds now in the cold greenhouse ready for flowering next June.

•  Cut Marrow, Squash & Pumpkins and store.

•  Collect and compost leaves.

•  Lift main crop of potatoes and store.

•  Clear summer bedding plants and prepare for spring bedding plants, get the plants and bulbs in now.

•  Lift and store Dahlia tubers and Gladiola corms.

•  Stop watering cacti in October until next Spring.

•  Plant up a window box or tubs with bulbs for Spring flowering.

•  Naturalise Crocus bulbs in grass.

•  Insulating the greenhouse will cut down on heating costs. Even if you don't heat your greenhouse during the winter, insulation will give extra protection from frosts.

•  Bring in tender Fushsias and Pelargoniums before the first frosts over winter.

  1. Prune your large flowering roses and cluster roses by a third to prevent wind rock, and finish the pruning of them in the New Year.


Adults ...1st Mr and Mrs T. Priestley ... 2nd Mrs Lesley Bailey ... 3rd Mrs Pat Fussey,

H.C....James Milson and Mrs Karen Gramson

11-15 years .......3rd Lauren Graham

Under 8years ...1st Middle Rasen Rainbows ... 2nd Heidi Tomkins ... 3rd Alice Tomkins.

73rd Annual Show (2016)

Middle Rasen & District Horticultural Society held its 73rd Annual Show at the Nags Head, by kind permission of Barry & Jenny Reeves on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon towards the end of July.

Visitors participated in the raffle, tombola, a number of games and weight of the cake. Many beautiful exhibits were on display. From vegetables, fruit to flowers and pot plants, floral art and wine, photography, and cookery to children's exhibits. The committee were delighted to also have exhibits from Middle Rasen Rainbows. There were over 30 floral art exhibits, a delight to see.

Prizes were presented by Charlie Partridge, Editor of Radio Lincolnshire. The committee would like to thank the sponsors and anyone that gave donations, whether in money form, prizes or cakes for which we were very grateful in once again making the day a success.

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