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Mothers Union in Middle Rasen has closed. Members can attend the group in Welton.

Contact Mrs Elaine Jennings 01673 844222 for more information.


There is more to Mothers Union than its meetings. Members also try to support families in many practical ways. For many years they helped to staff the crèche at Lincoln Prison and collect practical resources like food parcels, toiletries and children's toys for the Women's Refuge in Lincoln. You may have called in for a coffee at St Benedict's, the Mothers Union centre on the high street in Lincoln city centre (the church near M&S) which branch members staff on a rota basis three times a year.

For more information contact Elaine Jennings at (844222). Or visit the Mothers Union website

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MU members are active in prisons, literacy projects, and parenting programmes. Members share a desire to express common care for family life through faith in Christ, prayer, and practical action.

  • Community Care
  • In the UK an estimated 150,000 children have a parent in prison
  • 7 % of children will experience a father's imprisonment during their time at school.
  • Those statistics mean that in every community there are parents struggling to manage children or infants whilst prison visiting.

Mothers' Union is a Christian organisation with more than 3.6 million members in 79 countries worldwide. The backbone of Mothers' Union is its worldwide network of grassroots volunteers. Whatever their individual backgrounds, members are united in their commitment to supporting marriage and family life. They give their time to generously help others, whether by running local projects, supporting international campaigns, or fundraising.

Mothers' Union also employs over 300 paid workers around the world. These are women drawn from local dioceses, so they speak the language, understand the culture and customs and have first-hand experience of the problems their neighbours face. Mothers' Union workers provide vital leadership for efforts in the community.They enable people to gain essential skills, develop and encourage sustainable self-help projects, and run training seminars for local Mothers' Union members and the wider community.

Workers also run the Literacy and Development Programme in Malawi, Sudan and Burundi. This programme enables learners to become literate and numerate as well as gaining skills in health, hygiene, HIV/AIDS and poverty alleviation.

Mothers' Union is also involved in campaigning and lobbying on a number of worldwide issues such as parental rights, international debt relief and child poverty. We are happy to be working in partnership with various organisations, including the United Nations and other ecumenical groups. Read about all our campaigns and policy work in What we do?


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