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In the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament part of the bible, there is a famous passage about there being  ‘A   Time for Everything,'  and  ‘ a season for every activity.'  Well, we've had the season of church closures and now it is time to announce, our season - time - of reopening. This will begin on  PALM SUNDAY, MARCH 28,  in Middle Rasen church,10.30, were we we celebrate our being able to worship again together. While still under government restrictions until the end of June, at this service we will offer prayers of thanks: for the fact that we can come together in God's house, for the roll out so effectively of the vaccine programme, for the Nation Heath service and that we live in a country that provides so much, and for a brighter future beckoning. So whilst we still can't sing and will need to wear face coverings, we will celebrate and give thanks. 

Then, again at Middle Rasen, on  GOOD FRIDAY, April 2,  we are planning to hold an  outdoor service  again in our church car park at 11am. Outdoor we can sing heartily together.

Unfortunately numbers have to be limited to 30 and if you would like to attend, you will need to let me know in advance and leave me with your name and contact number, best done by ringing me on 01673 842759, or email:  rev.bryan@iclound.com .

Then on  EASTER DAY  there is a Holy Communion service in  FALDINGWORTH CHURCH , 9am, and then another communion at Middle Rasen church at 10.30. Normal service times will then resume, with  FRIESTHORPE CHURCH  opening on April 25, 9am. Newton church will follow when able. Later in the year, look out for some more spectacular service when most restrictions have eased.

Lastly, in this same passage from Ecclesiastes, further down, verse 11, it also says, that God  ‘has made everything beautiful in its time.'  Our great God, is, and has a habit of, turning even life's most difficult and bitter times, into something beautiful for the future, and it this we all look forward to, for we will all have learnt much from this particular and unusual season we have been through. Thank you to all who have continued to support the church through this difficult time. God bless you all.

Rev. Bryan - Rector of Middle Rasen.



Archbishops invite nation to join them in daily prayer amid Covid-19 pandemic

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are inviting the nation to join them in prayer every evening at 6pm - from 1st February.
Archbishops Justin Welby and Stephen Cottrell are encouraging people of all backgrounds to set aside time each day for prayer – if possible stopping wherever they are at 6pm each evening.
It follows their call last week for people to pause, ‘reflect on the enormity of this pandemic' and pray for the nation and all those affected.
The call followed news that that more than 100,000 people have died within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test.
This evening Archbishop Justin will lead a prayer session on Facebook Live from 6pm (GMT) on his  Facebook page .
He is encouraging people to post prayer requests in the comments section and he will pray with them.
In a letter to the nation last week, the Archbishops wrote: "We encourage everyone who is feeling scared, or lost or isolated to cast their fears on God.
“We also know that poorer communities, minority ethnic communities and those living with disabilities have been afflicted disproportionately and cry out for the healing of these inequalities.”
They added: “One thing we can all do is pray. We hope it is some consolation to know that the church prays for the life of our nation every day. Whether you're someone of faith, or not, we invite you to call on God in prayer.
“Starting on 1 February we invite you to set aside time every evening to pray, particularly at 6pm each day. More than ever, this is a time when we need to love each other. Prayer is an expression of love.”
The call to prayer is also being supported by a number of prayer organisations and denominations including  the Methodist Church of Great Britain and 24-7 Prayer GB. 
Prayer resources are available   on the Church of England website .

More information:  

  • The first prayer of the month, which will be prayed at 18:00 on Facebook Live by Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is:
  • Gracious God,
    as we remember before you the thousands who have died,
    surround us and all who mourn with your strong compassion.
    Be gentle with us in our grief,
    protect us from despair,
    and give us grace to persevere
    and face the future with hope
    in Jesus Christ our risen Lord.



Thank you for your continuing support and for the generous monetary gifts to the church at this time, as the church has very little income coming in at present, except what you give.

Account name: Middle Rasen PCC

Sort code: 40 32 05 ......Account number: 00586528

If you want to talk in private via phone: speak to:

Church Treasurer Nicola Cartwright, or Church Warden Stephen Cartwright on 01673 842010

If you need to talk, pray over the phone, or something picking up from the shop of pharmacy please do let me know.

Yours in Christ,

Bryan and the Church Wardens


Middle Rasen Methodist Church


We are now in a position to look forward to a brighter future although we must all take care to follow guidelines to eliminate this dreadful pandemic which has blighted so many lives, and caused disruption to everyone. At Middle Rasen Methodist Church we were unable to reopen during the late summer early autumn as we were having our new boiler installed. Problems arose as a leak was discovered in the system and it necessitated some repairs to flooring. The work was halted when workmen were found to have been in close proximity to a positive case of COVID-19.

The Wolds and Trent Circuit, of which we are a part, took the decision at the start of lockdown in November to close all churches and continue with the Zoom services on a Sunday afternoon. For those unable to take part in zoom services, printed sheets are distributed to allow them to share the service in their own homes. The decision to close was taken to taken to show our empathy alongside other organisations and businesses which were closed.

We now look forward to opening in the not too distant future. All this depends on the success of the latest lockdown.

On Easter Sunday we have, for many years, decorated the empty cross of Good Friday with flowers, to show the new life that the resurrection brings. This year the cross will be placed outside the church and all are invited to place a small posy on it. If the posy is wrapped in foil it easily slips in the wire, which holds the posy in place. Please remember that social distancing will still be the order of the day!

Brian Cook


How to Stay Positive during the Pandemic

In our recent Bible Study we are looking at 1 Thessalonians. In Chapter 5, we find these words: “Reach out for the exhausted, pulling them to their feet. Be patient with each person, attentive to individual needs…Look for the best in each other, and always do your best to bring it out. Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens…The One who called you is completely dependable” (The Message). These words seem to fly in the face of the latest instructions to stay home and stay safe. Yet, never are the words from Paul's letter to the Thessalonians more applicable than today. We see phrases like, reach out, be patient and attentive, look for the best and bring out the best in each other, be cheerful, pray, and be thankful.


Early last year, William Arruda wrote in Forbes, 9 Ways To Stay Positive During The Coronavirus Pandemic.

1) Limit your intake of the news.

2) Look to the past. Get hope from past resilience.

3) Watch a funny video.

4) Look after your neighbours.

5) Support your local businesses.

6) Send gifts in the mail.

7) Take advantage of found time when appointments are cancelled.

8) Practice random acts of kindness and close everyday with something positive.

9) Take a daily inventory.

There is always something for which to be thankful. Think about your worst moment in your worst day and it will surprise you what you can still give praise about something. Survival in this pandemic seems to depend upon looking to the needs of others. We can still reach out by phoning and arranging for a neighbour's needs to be met. We can be patient with others and look for the best in them. If someone telephones wanting to talk because they are lonely or afraid, we can lend a listening ear. It is up to us to remain cheerful and dwell on the positive things that we have – a warm home, food, clothing, family, and friends. We can trust the One who is completely dependable.

William Arruda, Forbes.https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamarruda/2020/03/15/9-ways-to-stay-positive-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic/?sh=1be7b4985a8e


If someone has need of prayer and would like to email or call, I am privileged to oblige. If anyone would just like a listening ear, you are welcome to telephone me and I'll be happy to chat.  Contact is by email on wilsonhthr56@aol.com or telephone on 01673 843362


Hilary Evans, President of Methodist Women in Britain, wrote this prayer:

Lord, for the days we could just stay in bed,

For the days we can't settle to sleep,

For the days when the world seems to have too many problems,

For the days when we are filled with the joy of creation,

We give thanks that, whatever our mood, you are there with us.


Heather Wilson


St Peter & St Paul Group - Events and News


Middle Rasen Pop Up Choir – Christmas Carols

  After the success of the Christmas choir last year, it was suggested at the time, that we should do it again this year - on the basis that we all knew a little more of what we were about!
Well, the terrible Coronavirus has put paid to that idea; but to get into the Christmas spirit a little and as we might not be able to physically meet any time soon, it has been suggested that we could maybe go “virtual” this year with Zoom digital connections. Full instructions will be given as to how to link into the Zoom facility. There will probably be about 3 sessions in early to mid December and it is open to all!

Andrew Morrison is happy to lead us again, but with the proviso, once more, that it is for fun! in his words, “ I am not a proper choirmaster!”
If you are interested, or need any further details, please contact Andrew on 07768 007110 (email Zylot@btinternet.com ) or me on 01673-842663. (Email ron.myland@btinternet.com ). Let's meet up and sing up - no previous experience is necessary!

Ron Myland







Middle Rasen Methodist Guild

Smalls For All

Smallsforall.org is a charity, which collects and distributes underwear to Africa. Helping those living in orphanages, slums, IDP camps and schools, providing underwear and to hospitals to help those suffering from medical conditions like obstetric fistula. We are collecting packets of ladies' or children's pants that must be new , the most needed are for children aged 3-15 or ladies size 8-14 . While they collect all colours, the ladies' pants in greatest demand are black – in full brief, midi, mini or high leg. They also accept new or ‘gently worn' bras, which can be any size , including sports and nursing bras, but not teen, cropped-top style or bikini tops. (By ‘gently worn' means bras that are in good condition and still have good wear left in them.) We were shocked to hear that young girls who don't wear bras are at great risk of attack from boys and men, whereas girls who do wear them are thought to be from a wealthy family and are much less likely to be attacked.

Collection points in Middle Rasen are: Middle Rasen Methodist Church, Wednesdays, first and third Thursday mornings of each month, second Saturday morning of each month and Sunday Mornings and evenings; Rase WI group, Middle Rasen Village Hall Wilkinson Drive, LN8 3UD fourth Wednesday from 7.30 pm onwards. This is an on-going project so we will be sending parcels to Smalls for All on a regular basis. Thank you.

Anne Crawforth

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