Westwold Deanery Online LENT Courses 2021
This year we are offering 2 regular weekly opportunities to join us and walk through
Lent together. Lenten journeys are important as times of reflection, but they also
help us grow in our faith as we consider difficult issues in our lives and the world and
of course help prepare ourselves for great celebration of Easter.
The courses commence with our ASH Wednesday service at on 17th Feb at 7pm.
Obviously this year we cannot be signed with ashes, but we can come together on
ASH Wednesday to publicly declare our willingness to repent, to change our ways
and to offer ourselves to God in self-reflection and self-denial. The symbol of the Ash
cross is traditionally our public declaration of this, yet it carries no sacramental
action. God already knows us and knows if we in our hearts turn to him.
There are 2 courses to help us on our 2021 Lenten journey.
A. LENT in the Wilderness: Led by Revd Claire Walker and Revd David Atkinson
Commencing in the ASH Wednesday service then continuing on the 5 subsequent
Monday evenings. 7pm start (Approx 30 Minutes)
B. For Such A Time As This: Led by Revd Annabel Barber and Revd Elaine Turner
Commencing on Wednesday 24th February and the 5 subsequent Wednesday
mornings. 10-30 to 11.30am.
Each course can be accessed via ZOOM and also includes the ability to telephone in.
I hope you will find the time to join us to start on this journey for 2021.
Every Blessing
Fr Chris Hewitt SCP
Rural Dean of Westwold
10 Feb 2021
A. LENT In the Wilderness
Lead by Revd Claire Walker and Revd David Atkinson
This is a 6 session course, with each session approx. 30minutes and based around a
reading and reflection on the nature of our lives in the Wilderness. Each meeting will
close with a short act of worship.
Wed 17th Feb 7pm
Lent in the Wilderness
Mark ch1 vv12-13 (ASH Wed)
Mon 22nd Feb 7pm
Exodus ch14 vv1-12
Mon 29th Feb 7pm
One Step Enough for Me?
Exodus ch15 vv20-22
Mon 5th Mar 7pm
Sufficient unto the Day
Exodus ch16 vv13-20
Mon 12th Mar 7pm
Beyond Our Reach?
Exodus ch20 vv1-21
Mon 19th Mar 7pm
Do Not Cling to Me
Exodus ch32 vv1-4
ZOOM Link (for ALL Evening Sessions)
Meeting ID: 812 4779 2020
Passcode: 758453
Or Dial In by Phone: 0203 901 7895 / 0131 460 1196 / 0203 051 2874 /0203 481 5240
Please Note: For the Mondays in LENT this course will replace our normal Monday
Evening Fellowship.
B. For Such A Time As This
Led by Revd Annabel Barber and Revd Elaine Turner
“The world is in crisis; Creation is groaning. People and the Earth have been crying
out for many years. But for too long, many people - particularly those in the global
North - have chosen not to listen, instead remaining complicit in destruction and
continuing to increase inequalities. In such a time as this, what have Christians got to
There will be an opportunity to meet together online each Wednesday morning in
Lent and have a conversation over coffee (bring your own!) around material on
climate justice from the USPG. Each session will consider a Bible passage, and a short
commentary based on information from theologians working in less-developed
countries, like India, the West Indies and the Philippines. Questions will start our
thinking and talking, and each session will begin and end with a short prayer and a
challenge for the week!
If you want to find out more, please go to this USPG link:
The session Dates and Topics are:
Wed 24th February
For Such a Time
Wed 3rd March:
Wed 10th March:
The Fall
Wed 17th March:
Wed 24th March:
Wed 31st March:
The ZOOM link (For all Wednesday Morning Sessions):
Meeting ID: 811 6801 7601
Passcode: 841172
Or Dial In by Phone: 0203 901 7895 / 0131 460 1196 / 0203 051 2874 /0203 481 5240