This is Middle Rasen, Lincolnshire

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A website for the community of Middle Rasen in Lincolnshire


The next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 17th April 2018 public forum at 7.20pm followed by Council Meeting at 7.30pm.
Read ...... Middle Rasen Parish Council's News, including a new leisure centre, funding for the village hall, road improvements on the A46 and local crime. ......or......Learn about the role of parish councils in small communities ...or ......send an email to the Parish Council ...or ......see planning fee increase


"Keep Britain Tidy"

If you remember the slogan "Keep Britain Tidy" (or dont) please take part in a "Litter Pick" on Saturday 7th April. We meet at 10.30am at 12 Naylor's Drive to collect litter picking tools and bags. Routes will be agreed according to the number of volunteers but Sand Lane, Gallamore Lane and Gainsborough Road always need doing.

Residents do go out and pick areas near them, that is why some areas of the village are kept tidy and without them our village would look considerably worse.

Please come and help for an hour or two. You could drive to some of the routes and pick a bag of rubbish within 100 yards of your car. Last week Liz Ingram collected several bags of rubbish down Sand Lane , so lets hope its an easy route on the 7th!

I look forward to seeing you ....... Gail Dennis

The Middle Rasen Parish

Middle Rasen is situated in the district of West Lindsey in the county of Lincolnshire, about 16 miles north east of Lincoln in the lea of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Although the village is mainly contained to the north of the A631, sitting astride the river Rase, the Parish is much larger covering 3622 acres.

The middle settlement between East Rasen, now known as Market Rasen, and West Rasen, it was the most important village of the three in the latter part of the Middle Ages. Indeed much of the northern area of Market Rasen town is in Middle Rasen Parish.
Historic Middle Rasen .......
Middle Rasen's Past, Present and Future ..........

Middle Rasen Charity Gala Dinner 2018

This year the dinner the Charity Dinner was on Saturday 21 st April at Middle Rasen Village Hall. The charities chosen to benefit are give as "Action for Children (Lincoln)" supporting vulnerable children and the Health Tree Foundation, "Rear into Gear" appeal in it work to raise £ 200,000 for state of the art keyhole surgery equipment designed to treat bowel cancer and bowel related illnesses. The theme for the evening was "Celebrating all things Lincolnshire" with a Lincolnshire based menu and Quiz. Entertainment was from "Harmony" , a local group.


Local Road Closures....... click here

The Nags Head Public House

nags head public house middle rasen

Our friendly village Pub/ Restaurant
Food served daily from 12 noon until 8.30pm
Wednesday is our fish and chip day
Sunday Lunch 12 noon - 2.30pm
Beer Garden ~ Children's Play Area
Pool-Darts ~ Sky Sports
Stage for Live Theatre Bands / and Disco
tel: 01673 843163



Nature Watch

Linwood Warren nature reserve is a heathland with rich and varied flora and fauna. It forms part of a once more extensive area of heathland, the remainder of which is now largely afforested or occupied by the golf course. The areas of open grassland with scattered pine trees and backdrop of woodland provide excellent habitat for green woodpecker and tree pipit.

Of the 70 or so species of birds recorded over 30 are known to have bred. Notable among these are woodcock, tawny owl, green and great spotted woodpeckers, sparrowhawk, tree pipit, redstart and grasshopper warbler.

All three species of heathers can be found (bell heather, cross-leaved heath and ling), and there are damp areas rich in mosses and lichens.

The reserve is located about 2.5 km (1.5 miles) east of Market Rasen on the south side of the Legsby road opposite the golf course. It was purchased by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust in 1957 and is dedicated to the memory of the late Dick Cornwallis, Chairman of the Trust from 1962 to 1968, and nearby landowner and farmer.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is a voluntary charitable organisation which cares for Lincolnshire's wildlife and countryside. Founded in 1948, the Trust now manages around 100 nature reserves across the county and has over 28,000 members. By joining the Trust, members are helping to ensure that our wildlife and wild places in Lincolnshire are protected and cared for.

Join at or call 01507 526667 Rachel Shaw ( Charity no. 218895. Registered in England, no. 461863


Groups in Middle Rasen

CLUB or Group Location
Middle Rasen & District Horticultural Society
Games Afternoon Curch Hall
Middle Rasen Bowling Club Bowling Pavillion
Short Mat Bowls Group Village Hall
Middle Rasen Art Group Church Hall
U3A Local History Group
U3A Drama Group Gail Denis
Luncheon Club Methodist Church
Coffee Morning Methodist Church
Women's Own Methodist Church
Coffee Cake & Chat Group Methodist Church
Guides Village Hall
Brownies Church Hall
Rainbows Church Hall
Ranger Guides Village Hall
The Guild
Rase WI Village Hall
Walk To Group Methodist Church
Camera Club Village Hall
Middle Rasen Nursery Middle Rasen School
Middle Rasen Book Club Advocate Arms
Over 60's Keep Fit Club Braemar Close
Bell Ringers Sts P&P's Church
Middle Rasen Toddler Group Church Hall
Middle Rasen Karate Club Village Hall
The FISDAC Academy Village Hall
Vitality Village Hall
Yoga Village Hall
Zumba Club Methodist Church

If your group is not listed and/or needs a correction :- contact Gordon Jennings

Wilf's Big Breakfast

Saturday 14th April 9.30am - 1.30pm @Faldingworth Memorial Hall

Sausage, egg, bacon, tomatoes, Orange juice, bread/toast and butter Also available: tea/coffee orange squash Toasted teacakes

Proceeds in aid of Faldingworth Church


Broadbent Theatre

Please note our website for booking your seats or ring 0300 400 0101

Sunday15th April 7.30pm

The Wind in the Willows: A Folk Opera

A brand-new musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's well-loved classic by Chris Green. GreenMatthews (with special guests Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer) use music and song to bring this timeless tale to sparkling life. Using traditional English folk melodies set to new lyrics, the four musicians paint a vivid picture of Grahame's world from the humble comfort of Mole End to the grandeur of Toad Hall. This show is vivacious, sparkling and full of life. Suitable for ages 5 to 95!





The Mill in Middle Rasen was built in 1820 and was a working windmill until 1932, when the sails failed. It was run by petrol motor for some time after that but eventually fell into disrepair and became derelict. When we bought the property the mill was little more than the brick shell.

We have rebuilt the cap on traditional lines with the help of a local millwright, Tom Davies. The structure comprises 20 oak struts which sit on a 4" oak wall-plate, which in turn is bolted to a 6" circular steel ring-beam. The struts are first covered with half-inch pine attached horizontally. This is next covered with vertical half-inch planks of western red cedar, a very light and pliable timber which is also quite weather resistant. Here is where we depart from tradition, because a working mill cap originally would have been painted. Since the cap would have rotated so that the overlap of the boards always faced away from the wind the joints between the cedar boards would have been fairly protected from the ingress of rain. In any case, building standards in those days were not as exacting as now. We need a finish which will be reliably weather-proof but provide an appearance which will as closely resemble the original as possible, and for these reasons we have opted for a white fibre glass (or G.R.P.) covering.

Richard Harries




There has been a mill here since 1597 and maybe many years longer. There used to be many mills on the Rase but now there are only three remaining, Tealby, Market Rasen and here. The Middle Rasen one being the only one with its original workings mainly in place, the other two having been converted to domestic use. We moved into the property in 1970 when we found the mill to be in a very dilapidated state, with a sagging roof, its gable collapsing and the floor was powder. I had the gable ends repaired and the roof re-instated. The flooring was replaced with oak floorboards rescued from the demolition of Grimsby Hospital (a labour of love on my part). So it is now restored for years to come. The water-course from the river Rase to the mill was put back and the mill pond re-formed. Since coming here I have seen the West Rasen Mill allowed to fall down and the final disappearance of Peck Mill in Market Rasen. The Middle Rasen Mill was last worked in the early 1960's by Fred Cottingham, but has not been used as a mill all the time. In the mid 1700's James Harrison, carpenter, moved in to the mill. He was the brother of John Harrison who formulated the way of calculating Longitude. They left Barton-on-Humber to go to London to try and win the prize offered for this, and James, for whatever reason also decided to come to the mill to carry on his trade of carpentry. In fact he made all the pews for Aylesbury Church near Grimsby at the Mill. James had also previous to going to London with his brother, been the carpenter who made his brothers design for Grandfather clocks, entirely made of wood, even the cogs! Three years ago, the wheel arch was badly damaged during the earthquake, with the keystones dropping, and a nasty split in the wall. Metal tie bars were inserted to support the area and brickwork replaced. The fact is that the three storey building has no foundations which amazed the man who re-formed the Mill Pond, using a drag line, and found the whole base was just shifting sand. They certainly knew how to build in those days. Having re-constructed the Mill and waterway, I hope the Mill will still be extant in another hundred years.

Dr L.G. Parry


See whats on at or ring 0300 400 0101

E-notice board for local people , to advertise your wants and items for sale/ exchange/or gifting

Please update information seen here by clicking <<Web Mail>>

Middle Rasen Parish Council - Chair and Members

Chair of the Parish Council Elected ...... Cllr Michael Stamp

Vice Chair Elected ......Cllr David Pattison

Councillor Elected ...... CllrPeter Dawson.

CouncillorElected ...... Cllr T Smith

Councillor Elected ......CllrJohn Padley

Councillor Elected ......Cllr Sue Smith

Councillor Elected ......Cllr Jane Ranby

CouncillorElected ...... Cllr Gail Dennis

Councillor Elected ......Cllr Mike O'Connor

Clerk to the Parish Council Mrs Jo Trotter
Wingates, Tealby, LN8 3YB tel 01673 838690

The Councillors - Statutory Declaration of Interests


There are over 8,700 parish and town councils representing around 16 million people across England and are the most local part of our democratic system. The only difference between a town and parish council is the size and name, and towns have their own mayor. Although they have the same powers and can provide the same services, parish councils don't usually have the same level of facilities to look after. The size of the council depends on the size of the village or 'ward'. Here in Middle Rasen there are nine voluntary representatives, known as Parish Councillors, who are elected every four years. Some go on serving for many years. The election is an annual event, so if you are over 18, meet the criteria and you can find two people to nominate you, your name can be put forward.

Serving as a parish councillor is a responsible position, as the parish council has a responsibility for the well being of the local community it serves. Their remit has three main strands - representing the local community, delivering services to meet local needs, and striving to improve the quality of life in the parish. As such they are allocated a certain amount of money from council tax revenues to improve services and facilities in the following areas: burial grounds, bus shelters, open spaces, village green, cutting the grass on the playing field, and planning.

With regard to planning, the council is consulted by West Lindsey District Council on all applications, but the final decision rests with the planning department and Planning Committee at WLDC. The council also acts as a representative voice for the community, communicating with councillors and officers at district and county level. All this makes for quite a few hours spent in meetings, discussing and deciding which activities to support, where money should be spent, what services should be delivered, and what policies should be implemented. They also liaise with the local Police over crime reduction measures.

Parish councils do a vital job and deserve our thanks for the improvements they try and bring to our communities. So thank you all for your time and effort on our behalf.

For more information about the work of this parish council, please contact Jo Trotter, the clerk to Middle Rasen Parish Council

tel 01673 838690 .........

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