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A website for the community of Middle Rasen in Lincolnshire

Middle Rasen and the West Wolds
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Groups in Middle Rasen

CLUB or Group Location
Horticultural Society Village/Church Hall
Carry on singing Curch Hall
Bowling Club Bowling Pavilion
Short Mat Bowls Group Village Hall
Art Group (oils) Catholic Hall
West Wolds U3A Festival Hall
Drama Group (U3A) Gail Denis
Cycling (U3A) Festival Hall
Walking Mk Rasen
Women's Own Methodist Church
Coffee Cake & Chat Methodist Church
Guides Village Hall
Brownies Church Hall
Rainbows Village Hall
Ranger Guides Village Hall
The Guild Methodist Church
Rase WI Village Hall
Book Club Advocate Arms
Bell Ringers Sts P&P's Church
Sewing and Hobbies Club Church Hall
Toddler Group Church Hall
Pilates Mk Rsn + Toft
Active Seniors Gainb Leisure Centre
Sewing & Hobbies Church Hall
Karate Village Hall
Yoga Village Hall
Parish Council Village Hall
Age UK (Lindsey) Doctors Surgery
Rase Heritage Society Library
Middle Rasen Nursery Middle Rasen School
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Bee Keepers  
Boules Golf Club MR
Fitness - Personal Training  
Camera Club  

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The Middle Rasen Parish

Middle Rasen is situated in the district of West Lindsey in the county of Lincolnshire, about 16 miles north east of Lincoln and in the lea of the Lincolnshire Wolds. The village is mainly contained to the north of the A631.

Sitting astride the river Rase, the Parish is much the largest of the three Rasen's, covering 3622 acres. As the Middle settlement between East Rasen (now known as Market Rasen) and West Rasen, in the latter part of the Middle Ages it was the most important village of the three. Indeed much of the northern area of Market Rasen town is in the Parish of Middle Rasen.

Historic Middle Rasen .......

Middle Rasen's Parish Council, the Past, Present and Future of the village..........

Middle Rasen Parish Council
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Lincolnshire Recycling Centres

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Cameo Crafts

Thank you to all fabric hoarders who have donated remnants, rolls and recyclables to Helen over the past few weeks. CAMEO craft club bag-and-mask-makers are delighted! There is such a variety of fabric of such good quality - it's been like Christmas! It has been suggested by one very generous donor that we give a gift to Alzheimer's Association in return for the swathes of cloth we received from them. We think this is a great idea. Helen also has a project afoot to make matching masks, bags and feminine-product baglets for a group of refugees she has contact with via a food bank in France, and also for the Shine community children in Malawi. Any offers of help with production will be gratefully received! You don't have to be a CAMEO member. We have not met together, of course, since March, but we hope things will open up in the future when we can be sure of attendees' safety. 

Thank you again to everyone Helen Robinson

A Cup Of Coffee Made A Difference

Some ladies in Middle Rasen and surrounding villages have been hosting “coffee in the garden” with no more than six and maintaining social distancing. We received a lovely thank you card from one of the ladies:

“Dear all, Thank you very much for inviting me to join you in your “coffee in your garden”. I really enjoyed the coffee and conversations with the ladies, who I got to know a little better. Like a lot of other people, I often don't speak to anyone until my family rings in the evening. So, it was just lovely, what a wonderful idea! Many thanks”. It must be so difficult for some people living alone to socialise during these difficult times but just a simple cup of coffee and a smile from a neighbour or friends can make such a difference.


...... We are still restricted by the Rule of Six, which leaves us with no alternative than to postpone the November lunch until things improve. We thank you all for your patience and Janet Parkinson for her help and support. In the meantime, please keep safe and well until we meet again. Anne and Valerie


Graham Parry...

Rita Akroyd ...

Geoff Handford...

and others

Friends wishing to attend live streaming of Geoff's funeral (New Life Church Centre, Serpentine Street this Thursday at 11.30) are invited to call 01673 849941 to book a seat.

Funeral service booklets will be available at the Centre, which is subject to HMGovernment's Covid-19 regulations. 

Close friends unable to attend may ask join the Wesley Media online webcaste by calling the office for the 11.50 live streaming Login and Password .


Also ........ November is the month when we especially remember and give thanks for all those who played their part during wars and conflicts, in order to maintain peace - either serving abroad or in occupations at home. In Friesthorpe we particularly remember the Beechey family, whose father was rector here. They had eight sons - five of whom tragically paid the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War. My own father was one of seven brothers (and one sister!). He was in the Royal Navy, and served on several ships of the Fleet (in WW2) including HMS Sheffield. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order. Thankfully, all seven brothers, each of them being in the forces, survived the war.

On Remembrance Sunday (Nov.8) and on Armistice Day (Nov.11) we are proud to remember and give thanks for ALL those who served their country.

Janet Pitchforth

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