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A website for the community of Middle Rasen in Lincolnshire

The New Year's Day Duck Race is a high spot in the winter social calendar for the village .

Middle Rasen Football and Cricket Club held its famous Duck Race once again on New Year's Day 2015. As usual it started at 12 noon sharp from Parry's Bridge on Low Church Road and finished when the last of the 1300 ducks passed under the bridge on Church Street next to Naylor's Drive.

Normally the run takes some 20 minutes but the river was fast this year and the winning Duck "Hollie" owned by Hollie Appleyard came in at 15 minutes, closely followed by ducks owned by Rob Pitman and Ellie Carter.

Click for more Results and Pictures

Click here for local roads closed

The Parish Council

The Parish Council meeting in February moved to the small hall at the Village Hall in order for the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake event to take place.  A member of the public approached the Council on behalf of parishioners to ask for permission to buy and erect a plaque on the gate of "Ernie's Garden" in his memory.  The Council had already discussed such an idea, and were agreed that parishioners could contribute in this way and were delighted that parishioners are pleased with the transformation of Ernie's Garden. The winter maintenance programme was utilised in January and the Council contractor gritted parish roads.  Highways issues continue, there has been confirmation of repair of the A631 from Lincoln Lane to West Rasen, but potholes remain a perennial problem.  Dog waste bins are to be erected on Gainsborough Road and replaced at the end of North Street/Manor Drive - please help keep the parish clean by using them.  Crime statistics for January were low, please continue to report incidents to the local PCSO team.  The Council continues to be concerned about the capacity of the water recycling plant and are working in conjunction with Cllr Strange to try and ensure that the plant is functioning at peak efficiency.  Please contact the Clerk if there are any other matters which need to be brought to the council's attention - otherwise the Council wish parishioners a Happy Easter.

Clerk to the PC : Mrs J Trotter ~ 01673 838690 ~


Middle Rasen is situated in the district of West Lindsey in the county of Lincolnshire, about 16 miles north east of Lincoln in the lea of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Although the village is mainly contained to the north of the A631, sitting astride the river Rase, the Parish is much larger covering 3622 acres. The middle settlement between East Rasen, now known as Market Rasen, and West Rasen, it was the most important village of the three in the latter part of the Middle Ages. Indeed much of the northern area of Market Rasen town is in Middle Rasen Parish. ..... Continued >>>>>>>>>>>



WLDC say "Sign up to a winter warmer of savings with Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme "

  Sign up to a winter warmer of savings on gas and electricity bills for 2015 with the Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme. The latest opportunity to join the scheme starts Tuesday 2 December and could bring you hundreds of pounds of savings – freeing up extra cash that will help pay for the cost of Christmas or to put towards improvements for your home next year. In a recent auction the average saving per household to take up their offer was a huge £234. Nearly 5,000 Lincolnshire households have registered to join forces to get better deals from energy suppliers, making the county's residents one of the biggest groups to tackle the energy companies for better tariffs. 

Households are again invited to register for the scheme, organised by Lincolnshire County Council, West Lindsey District Council, South Kesteven District Council, East Lindsey District Council,  North Kesteven District Council, Lincoln City Council and Community Lincs administered by the UK's leading collective switching expert, iChoosr Ltd.  To register submit your details at . If you do not have internet access, a friend or family member can do this on your behalf. Alternatively visit the Guildhall in Gainsborough with a copy of your annual gas or electric bill. If you cannot register online and have no one that can register for you, you can call the free phone number 0800 048 8439. The number is open 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and is solely for registration. Once households have registered their interest, the energy suppliers will be invited to compete with their best offers.

The scheme is free for households to join and there is no obligation to take up the winning supplier's tariff offer. All can register, whether you rent your home or own it, whether you are on dual fuel, electric only, pay monthly or quarterly or have a prepayment meter. And you don't have to live in Lincolnshire . Cllr Owen Bierley, chair of the council's Prosperous Communities Committee, said: “Shopping around for a good deal on energy bills has never been more popular and understandably we all seek to make savings that can add up. Registering online or calling the freephone number is a simple solution to what can be a time consuming process of changing energy provider. Therefore, wldc recommend residents choose this hassle free option which has no obligation. If you register you are offered a deal after the auction and it's a simple choice then whether to take it or not. The more people who register, the more interested energy suppliers are securing them as customers and the better the deal they offer. But you have to register to have a chance to take up the saving so register today and tell your friends, family and neighbours about the scheme too.


Onlincolnshire Broadband Programme

The OnLincolnshire Broadband Project team report that Middle Rasen's telphone cabinets have now been enabled with "Fibre to the Cabinet Technology"

They would like residents to be aware of this new development so that they can take advantage of the faster broadband services they can now sign up for (it doesn't upgrade automatically).

The message they are wanting to share is 'call your internet service provider' and ask to be offered the new faster and more reliable internet access.

Tel: 01522 553906

Groups in Middle Rasen

CLUB or Group Location
Middle Rasen & District Horticultural Society
Middle Rasen Football club
Middle Rasen Cricket Club
Middle Rasen Bowling Club
Short Mat Bowls Group Village Hall
Middle Rasen Art Group Church Hall
U3A Local History Group
U3A Drama Group
Mothers Union Church Hall
Luncheon Club Methodist Church
Coffee Morning Methodist Church
Womens Own Methodist Church
Coffee Cake & Chat Group Methodist Church
Guides Village Hall
Brownies Church Hall
Rainbows Church Hall
Ranger Guides Village Hall
The Guild
Rase WI Village Hall
Walk To Group Methodist Church
Camera Club Village Hall
Saturday Club Church Hall
Middle Rasen Church Youth Group Church Hall
Middle Rasen Nursery Middle Rasen School
Middle Rasen Book Club Advocate Arms
Over 60's Keep Fit Club Braemar Close Community Centre
Bell Ringers St Peter & St Paul's Church
Middle Rasen Toddler Group Church Hall
Middle Rasen Karate Club Village Hall
The FISDAC Academy Village Hall
Vitality Village Hall
Yoga Village Hall
Zumba Club Methodist Church

Vitality - a new exercise and movement to music class for the over sixties in Middle Rasen

Courses and Classes

click here for Courses in Lincoln

Middle Rasen Gala Marquee

Thanks to the Local Councillors Initiative Fund in 2013 we were granted funding for a marquee, measuring 6M x 3M. The marquee is available for hire at very competitive rates and is suitable for lots of diff é rent occasions. For more information please contact Gail Dennis 01673 843575 or by e-mail .

To make an application for a Grant from the Middle Rasen Parish Council <<<< CLICK HERE >>>>





The Mill in Middle Rasen was built in 1820 and was a working windmill until 1932, when the sails failed. It was run by petrol motor for some time after that but eventually fell into disrepair and became derelict. When we bought the property the mill was little more than the brick shell.

We have rebuilt the cap on traditional lines with the help of a local millwright, Tom Davies. The structure comprises 20 oak struts which sit on a 4" oak wall-plate, which in turn is bolted to a 6" circular steel ring-beam. The struts are first covered with half-inch pine attached horizontally. This is next covered with vertical half-inch planks of western red cedar, a very light and pliable timber which is also quite weather resistant. Here is where we depart from tradition, because a working mill cap originally would have been painted. Since the cap would have rotated so that the overlap of the boards always faced away from the wind the joints between the cedar boards would have been fairly protected from the ingress of rain. In any case, building standards in those days were not as exacting as now. We need a finish which will be reliably weather-proof but provide an appearance which will as closely resemble the original as possible, and for these reasons we have opted for a white fibreglass (or G.R.P.) covering.

Richard Harries


There has been a mill here since 1597 and maybe many years longer. There used to be many mills on the Rase but now there are only three remaining, Tealby, Market Rasen and here. The Middle Rasen one being the only one with its original workings mainly in place, the other two having been converted to domestic use. We moved into the property in 1970 when we found the mill to be in a very dilapidated state, with a sagging roof, its gable collapsing and the floor was powder. I had the gable ends repaired and the roof re-instated. The flooring was replaced with oak floorboards rescued from the demolition of Grimsby Hospital (a labour of love on my part). So it is now restored for years to come. The water-course from the river Rase to the mill was put back and the mill pond re-formed. Since coming here I have seen the West Rasen Mill allowed to fall down and the final disappearance of Peck Mill in Market Rasen. The Middle Rasen Mill was last worked in the early 1960's by Fred Cottingham, but has not been used as a mill all the time. In the mid 1700's James Harrison, carpenter, moved in to the mill. He was the brother of John Harrison who formulated the way of calculating Longitude. They left Barton-on-Humber to go to London to try and win the prize offered for this, and James, for whatever reason also decided to come to the mill to carry on his trade of carpentry. In fact he made all the pews for Aylesbury Church near Grimsby at the Mill. James had also previous to going to London with his brother, been the carpenter who made his brothers design for Grandfather clocks, entirely made of wood, even the cogs! Three years ago, the wheel arch was badly damaged during the earthquake, with the keystones dropping, and a nasty split in the wall. Metal tie bars were inserted to support the area and brickwork replaced. The fact is that the three storey building has no foundations which amazed the man who re-formed the Mill Pond, using a drag line, and found the whole base was just shifting sand. They certainly knew how to build in those days. Having re-constructed the Mill and waterway, I hope the Mill will still be extant in another hundred years.

Dr L.G. Parry





At the recent meeting of Rase Wl we had a very enjoyable talk given by Sue Allan entitled Genealogy Discovered. Sue told of her quest to find her relatives who had emigrated to Canada many, many years ago. She told of the hardship from travelling on sailing ships to the conditions they found when they arrived there, vividly describing a very hard life.

Rosie Dawson

E-notice board for local people , to advertise your wants and items for sale/ exchange/or gifting

Please update information seen here by clicking <<Web Mail>>

Middle Rasen Parish Council - Chair and Members

Chair of the Parish Council Elected ...... Cllr Michael Stamp

Vice Chair Elected ......Cllr David Pattison

Councillor Elected ...... CllrPeter Dawson.

CouncillorElected ...... CllrGordon Dixon

Councillor Elected ......CllrJohn Padley

Councillor Elected ......Cllr Sue Smith

Councillor Cllr Jane Ranby - Co-opted

CouncillorCllr Gail Dennis - Co-opted

Councillor Cllr Mike O'Connor - Co-opted

Clerk to the Parish Council Mrs Jo Trotter
Wingates, Tealby, LN8 3YB tel 01673 838690

The Councillors - Statutory Declaration of Interests


There are over 8,700 parish and town councils representing around 16 million people across England and are the most local part of our democratic system. The only difference between a town and parish council is the size and name, and towns have their own mayor. Although they have the same powers and can provide the same services, parish councils don't usually have the same level of facilities to look after. The size of the council depends on the size of the village or 'ward'. Here in Middle Rasen there are nine voluntary representatives, known as Parish Councillors, who are elected every four years. Some go on serving for many years. The next election is in 2010, so if you are over 18, meet the criteria and you can find two people to nominate you, your name can be put forward.

Serving as a parish councillor is a responsible position, as the parish council has a responsibility for the well being of the local community it serves. Their remit has three main strands - representing the local community, delivering services to meet local needs, and striving to improve the quality of life in the parish. As such they are allocated a certain amount of money from council tax revenues to improve services and facilities in the following areas: burial grounds, bus shelters, open spaces, village green, cutting the grass on the playing field, and planning.

With regard to planning, the council is consulted by West Lindsey District Council on all applications, but the final decision rests with the planning department and Planning Committee at WLDC. The council also acts as a representative voice for the community, communicating with councillors and officers at district and county level. All this makes for quite a few hours spent in meetings, discussing and deciding which activities to support, where money should be spent, what services should be delivered, and what policies should be implemented. They also liaise with the local Police over crime reduction measures.

Parish councils do a vital job and deserve our thanks for the improvements they try and bring to our communities. So thank you all for your time and effort on our behalf.

For more information about the work of this parish council, please contact Jo Trotter, the clerk to Middle Rasen Parish Council

tel 01673 838690 .........

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